November 8, 2012

New Fantasyland's Enchanted Tales with Belle Video Sneak Peek

Watch this on our YouTube Channel: New Fantasyland Enchanted Tales with Belle

Enchanted Tales with Belle is one of New Fantasyland's newest attractions that is interactive and highly entertaining that both children and adults will surely LOVE! Not to say get tickled at the whole thing!

The fun starts inside Maurice's shop where everything look pristine and unsuspicious. But not until you stare at yourself on the beautiful mirror hanging on the wall! This is where all the fun begins. It's a magical mirror that serves as an enchanted gateway to a whole lot of fun and entertainment! One word of advice. Show your best! You might just be one of the lucky chosen guests to participate in the surprise play for Belle. A perfect opportunity to show your great acting prowess!

I should know this well since I had a blast playing the enchanted closet after belting out a pretty high soprano pitch!

This attraction officially opens on December 6, 2012!

++This video was made possible by Disney who also covered my travel and accommodations to attend the recent by-invite-only media preview event of New Fantasyland. All opinions are mine.


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