October 21, 2012

New Fantasyland Get Ready for Zensible Mama!

Just when I thought my cute b*tt can sit on my couch, LONG ENOUGH to actually write EXCITING, ADVENTUROUS, DEATH-DEFYING (well, riding a plane and NASCAR can be, can it not?) travel stories during the past weeks, here I go, riding a jetplane, AGAIN (I'm NOT complaining), to head to the sunny, magical world of DisneyWorld! Can I get a woot woot and a LUCKY DAWK at the same time?!

"Hey", this "girl", as the funny Darrell Waltrip, whom I've recently meet IRL would say it, is sure is a lucky dawk to be invited to another press junket of the launching of the newest attraction additions to Magic Kingdom's NEW FANTASYLAND! To say, I'm excited is underrated! To say, I almost lost my underpants jumping up and down is a good visual presentation. Ok that might be exaggerated but you know what I mean!

Hear me scream! "SQUEEEEEEEEEE!"

I'm off tomorrow. I'll relish every bit of it because after this trip, ME got tons of words to write and pictures to edit not just of this trip but the press trips before this. I might just be a slave to my laptop then. But for now, here's to a magical, awwwsome time at DisneyWorld!

"SQUEEEEEE!!!" Oops! There goes my underpants!


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