April 26, 2012

Where is Zensible Mama?

If you're seeing this and staring right at my shirt in the picture, then I'm most likely on the road en route to the happiest place on earth where Pixie dusts abounds and Mickey Ears are known to be hidden! Or I'm already there and thrilled like a little girl at the adventures that lies in store for moi'! Yep, Zensible Mama and her traveling ZCrew is yet on another road trip and is looking forward to tons of fun and adventure in the next few days ahead of them. As for me, I'm going to take this magical journey as a mini-me-cation so if you don't hear from me soon enough, just imagine me on a long, extended date with Mickey! Or lost in Peter Pan's world and definitely needs no rescuing! So, see you later alligator...


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