April 27, 2012

On The Go! 5 Make Up That Works

Mickey Ears and Tiaras! 

I'm at a conference for social media savvy fairies right now and timing is crucial - you know the drill. You stay up late and wake up early the next day. No time to dilly-dally! Just like the Fairy Godmother would say. You have to keep up with the schedule or you'll have Mickey crackin' the whip on you! Now that would hurt. Ooh did I just hear you mumble Fifty shades of Grey. Oh you naughty! But nope we're not going there. We're going to talk about how to spiffy up and lookin' pretty in no time. You'd like that, won't you? Kinda like a quickie for make-up! Yes I did just say, quickie. Because it is!

You probably won't believe this, but there is actually a way to put make up on in less than 20 minutes, Ok 30 minutes tops - if you have the right tools! uh-huh. You can be zooming in and out of that bathroom looking all fabulous like Superwoman or close. The key is quick! I know no one will look at me or oogle at how pretty I'm at this conference but hey! I need to be pretty... for me and quick. And so do you! It's also good for boosting your confidence. So for those who says putting make-up on is not necessary? Shame on you!

Now, I'm probably sounding off to a wall here. No one probably even cares about this but heck, let's unveil these Top 5 Make Up that WORKS!

1- E.l.f Studio Eyebrow Kit - Toss the eyebrow pencil that makes you look like the joker pu-lleease. This kit does the trick! An eyebrow shaper and a filler powder duo to give you that pretty arch and a brow to die for! Applying is also quick and easy! Retails for $3.00

2- Elf Studio Eyeliner and Eyeshadow Stick - No messy powder trouble. I call this glide and go! The soft gel liner glides smoothly with intense color and perfect for creating hot smokin' eyes! All in the comfort of one stick or two! Retails for $3.00

3- Almay One Coat Dial Up - I love this mascara. It gives you 3 choices of ooeey-gooeey-goodness  depending on the occasion at hand. I usually use number 1 for quick prepping up on normal days and number 3 when I need to make an eye statement! Retails for $8.49 {Amazon}

4- E.l.f Studio Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20 - What I love about this? It doubles up as concealer and foundation to give you that evenly-colored skin tone. Best of all, it's got sunscreen! WIN. 

5- Clinique Blush Wear Cream Stick -
Dab and go. No powdery mess and no brush to deal with. It's got intense color and easily blends in to create that natural-looking rosy cheeks without looking like a clown! Retails for $21.00

Finish up with your favorite face powder and lipstick and voila! You're done. Quick right?

Oh la la! AFTER

What make-up can you not live the house without? Well, while you're thinking about it, I've got a date with Mickey, don't tell Minnie. And YOU!  Stay pretty...

**Not a sponsored post. All products featured are owned and used personally and highly recommended**


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