January 16, 2012

Mom, The Kids are Back To School. Now What?

An MNO with friends is a must!

Holidays are over. Thank goodness. Kids all went back to school. Thank Goodness. Most parents I know are ecstatic about it! (oddly not me - my goodness) But now that our CHILD-FREE days are back and hopefully, your sanity too, it's time you and I do something selfish! Yeah we MOMS do. You and I deserve it! No more kids screaming for your attention. No more squabbling and bickering across the room just when you're having a nasty headache. Ah, peace and quiet! The house is serenely divine. You're all by yourself.  Perfect opportunity for Operation ME time! But, where do you start?

Christmas at the White House 2011
photo courtesy of ABC.com
First Lady Michelle Obama pointed it out best during an interview with Barbara Walters on 20/20. When asked what her secret for staying motivated, alive and inspired, her advice to fellow moms was "to put one's self highest on one's priority list!" An advice she personally heed.

As moms, we do tend to slip pretty low on our own priority list ( I sure do!). We're always busy caring for everybody else and leave no time to care for our own needs. The First Lady continued to say that "prioritizing what's important to you and allotting a time for yourself will make you happier." She admits that she is.

Let's make this our mantra: "It's time to put myself on the very top of my priority list" and make it happen! Now that our kids are back to school, here are some essential MUST-DO recommendations to help you get started as inspired by the First Lady's own tips:

1-  Hang Out with Friends  - I don't ever get to do this a lot enough. Sometimes never! All work and no fun does makes one a dull, lifeless individual. It doesn't really need to be like a crazy wild night of fun somewhere. A simple coffee date at Starbucks, or even a quick lunch or dinner date makes a whole lot of difference. Having that adult interaction and simply having fun with friends is a great getaway! Or you can try the latest trend - Mom's Night In! Cheap and low key. Best of all? No one would mind if you're still in your pajama!

2- Pamper yourself - Would you believe I have a gift card from Massage Envy from...last year? (yeah, last year!) I never got to use it because I keep putting off the time to go to the spa to actually use it! Gah. I will soon. Tired with your "Mama-look"?  Go get a haircut. Maybe a little mani or pedi too. And hey, shop! (though I would say, window shopping poses less harm on your budget) but go wild with your possibilities. You owe it to yourself.

3- Get Fit - Yeah that (I'm guilty as one can be). I've been trying to do this in forever. Mommy weight sucks! Now that I have the Wii, I'm really gung-ho in making this a possibility (wish me luck). The fluffs really need to go. It's been too looooong. No Wii? You can sign up in a gym or might as well invest on a Wii or Kinect BUT make sure to stick with the program and kick some ass! (or fat, or calories)

4- Catch on sleep - Seven years after having my baby and here I'm, still wondering what sleep is! But being a zombie-mom isn't cool anymore! Sleeping at 2:00 am most of the time does have nasty side-effects (I tell ya!). Getting a short nap is actually helpful. It makes for a perkier me and my brain actually function better to write zensibler (yes, it's a word - in my vocabulary anyway) blog posts!

Here's a great chart on How to Nap and When to Nap. It determines your "chronotype" depending on whether you're a lark or an owl. (I'm the latter)

5- Time to pick a new hobby - Do you have a hobby you've always wanted to learn? I've always wanted to learn how to knit but first I need to find someone who will actually teach me. In the meantime, I'll practice my crocheting skills. I might actually finish the throw I started years ago! (Yikes!)

Yo Mom! Now make it happen. Make your life a little zensibler.

If you have other ME TIME options that you do for yourself, we would love it if you share it with us! The more options, the better!


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