January 17, 2012

Weight, Weight, Don't Tell Mii Muffin tops!

New Year. New Me. Right... But no... this is not a precursor to a New Year's resolution post. None of that here. Trust me, it is easier for me NOT to have one. Past attempts proved futile. So, I stopped setting a resolution (Have you?). Instead, I'm setting (daring myself) a goal with accountability. Yep, taking a brave move here people. Thanks to my Wii-sh coming true...

On the Wii blasting some calories!

If the hint didn't convey what wish came true, FYI, I finally have a Wii. I wished for it for years! Hoorray for me! (But, I have no more excuse NOT to exercise!) Having the Wii is like a kick in the ass to finally act on a long-delayed goal: to lose weight (who doesn't?). The mommy-weight to be exact! And a catalyst like it is what I need to enforce it. I can be very stubborn (ok, lazy).

How many of you are like me? For years, I have always wanted to lose weight permanently (and failing miserably). I'm not medically fat nor obese (though my online BMI result tells me I'm overweight by .1% - ookaayyy!). Just too much FLUFF I guess. Them annoying fluff that makes me feel, um, can I say it? un-sexy? (Gasp! Yeah that). Ironically so-called, "muffin top" which sounds cute but not really cute when you've got one and you keep having what I call, rollover moments! (say whaat? Scroll down for definition babe. No pun intended)

And not to mention, a yo-yoing weight means you can't stick to one steady size either! And that's fairly irritating as well! Not to add, it puts a dent on your budget whenever you have to change wardrobe sizes every single time. Yikes!

By the way, Muffin tops if you're wondering? Goes great with VERY (with emphasis on the very) low waist pants or jeans. Just think of rollover moments under control solution. I urge you to invest on them.

My game plan?
Exercise (of course! but, Eeks! You know I hate it). This time, I'm putting my bet, probably even my faith, on the Wii to help me pull this feat off (certainly NOT on me - my track-record defies me!). Not that you need to know but I'm currently on Day 9 of my 21 days workout fitness program on EA Sports Active 2. And so far, I'm liking the result. Let's just say, I again, fit in my old jeans, one size down! Can I get a yay?

Now it's not that I lost faith in New Year's resolutions. I simply lost faith in my ability, no, I take that back. Rather I lost all motivation and accountability, to lose weight. But, weight, weight, don't tell mii. The fight ain't over yet... 

You don't have to tell me. I know journey will be loooong and hard (I'm already dreading it) but it's not a journey without the obstacles, right? So don't hold me accountable as of yet. Wait until I get to the end and see how I did then you can either congratulate me or judge me. Like they say, it ain't over until it's over! Wait, is that from a song?

I'm hopeful. (It seem like the one best thing one can do when everything else is failing!)

On a mission like myself? How are you doing so far? What fitness program are you currently utilizing? Do share!

My Rollover defined. 
TMI but it's when the waist of your underwear or pants curl into a neat roll and goes way down low from your navel - your muffin top inflicting the effect. Yeah that. And unlike AT and T's rollover version, this one irritates you by a gazillion times the minute it does! Come on, I bet you have moments like it. Don't you? Yes you do!


  1. Love it!! I am trying to eat better and I'm totally loving Zumba on the Wii, I haven't gotten to work out as much as I want since my days are filled with play and nights with work but I'm so glad you're "Daring yourself" can't wait to see your journey!! xoxo

  2. You're so funny! I had a Wii a few years ago. At first, I felt silly exercising with it, especially when doing something like Yoga. SOOOOO not my style of exercise. But my then-wife and I got competitive about it and I really started to enjoy it. I lost weight, improved my balance, gained flexibility and got in shape. It was a friggin' miracle.

    Do whatever it takes to make your workouts more fun, I say. You'll be so excited when you make progress toward achieving your fitness goals!

  3. My mom loves her Wii and uses Wii fit all the time. My daughter loves going over and "jogging" through the resort. We all have fun playing on it and it's surprising how quickly you can work up a sweat. Since we already had an Xbox we got a Kinnect for Christmas and my plan is like yours, to hope to lose the muffin top with it. The dancing games really whip me! At least it's not boring and my daughter can do them with me.


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