January 6, 2012

According to Liz Strauss I'm An S.O.B!

Liz Strauss
Ever have those odd days when things just don't feel right and just when you're ready to throw the towel in, something amazing happens to pull you out of the dumps? Well, I may just have encountered this rare phenomena (for the lack of a better term) in the form of the fabulous and ever-famous blog guru Liz StraussFounder of SOBCon and a social business strategist. One rare instance which I may have never found out about if I wasn't obsessing poking around my stat late at night! (I mean, really late! a.m. late). What can I say, I'm a night owl (and a zombie occasionally). So back to the phenomena...

Well, that fateful night, I was preoccupied with my blog and the direction I wanted it to go in 2012 and was feeling a little, let's just say, overwhelmed (don't you ever?). So, here I was contemplating on this little evil plot of just  tossing my blog inside the dumpsters and rid me of some stress ( yes, it's not blogging without some stress involved). All these while perusing my stats.

I was in this contemplative mood when my eyes chanced upon this blog URL that's sending numerous hits on my blog. I was of course intrigued and clicked on the link. And wow! Major kapow! Like an upper hook on my face, Liz was calling me an S.O.B in her blog! That lady, how could she? Me, S.O.B. really?! I never knew she thought of me that way.

But...I loved it! 
My blog's shining moment

Yes, loved it that she called me an S.O.B! You would too if she called you as one. Well you see, S.O.B. stands for Successful and Outstanding Blogger. See? Landing on her post and seeing part of my ever-familiar blog image banner and reading the part that I was being recognized for my effort and achievement was refreshing. No, much more than delightful. It was all I needed to knock some sense back on my, um, minutely foggy head that night.

Thanks Liz! 
What an honor to be recognized by a very influential and brilliant individual in social media like you! You truly made this silly woman's day (night) without you knowing it. But NOW you know!

As for you, yes YOU!  Remember this, if you ever feel disappointed or feel like no one really cares about your blog and you just want to give it all up, think twice! even three.You just don't know who's watching and admiring you. Who knows? Liz might be eyeing YOU right now.

Be an S.O.B.
To find out more about Liz's S.O.B. visit her blog and introduce yourself. Or you can start finding out what an S.O.B is all about. Tell her I sent you too!

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  1. Thank you for this. I'm delighted that you decided to stay with your blog!
    -- Liz :)


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