August 4, 2008

One Accomplished Zombie

1:07 am...dogs are's the dead of the night...the Zombie awaken to prowl in the darkness, lurking in the shadows of a dimly lit room...moving stealthily like death itself. Ready to pounce on the next unsuspecting victim of this gory nocturnal ritual. Everyone is fast asleep...the zombie better hide before this monster finds you --- or be doomed forever!

Aaaaahhhh! It got me...and I GOT YOU! You've just been Zombiezised! - Now, you're mine! LOOK at my blog...SUBSCRIBE to my blog...COMMENT on my blog...Ok, it don't work that way but hey, you're here so might as well.

Obviously as you can see, I've prowled the nights, 2x in a row now. Not blogging mind ya, but BEADING. With me working 100% full-time, weekends are usually the only time I can really focus on my beading work- or anything else for that matter. And so far this is what this Zombied mom has created : 13 beautiful earrings (lucky 13 eh?) and a masterpiece. I just fell in love with this lovely necklace. Take a look :

These are all unlisted yet, so you won't find them in my Etsy store, but you will soon.

And some more: My unpopular blog is finally going places and getting a wider audience from all over along with comments too (considering my lack of blog hopping-this is promising) - Thank you to all, especially toTammy, Renee', Meeya, Ana, Marlene, Beth, Angie, ChristiS, Jonara, Ivy and Mamonski3 - You make my day! Then this Zombie mom's biggest blogging accomplishment to boot (at this time) was being accepted to contribute as one of the mom bloggers at Working Mother Magazine's online site(yay!but nothing really special); got her 1st custom made order and hopefully, her 1st jewelry demo stint- Thanks Diane. The Zombie Angels must have been smiling down at me...

So, here I am. Monday. First day of the work week.Sleepy.Glaring like a lifeless person infront of my PC. My eyes are bloodshot.My brain is fried. I have a headache. The day is almost ending...a smile appears on my lips..typical Zombie I am.

If you're a Zombie, connect and let your voice be heard ...don't just prowl...aawrrrr....

Penny for your Thoughts?
xox Maricris xox


  1. The necklace and the earrings are gorgeous! I think that being a zombie sparks your creative juices!

  2. Now I know where you've been and what you've been doing. Being a zombie at that is not bad, look what you've accomplished, hehee!

    I really like the necklace. I must visit your Etsy store and see If I can afford to buy your creations. And just in case, do you deliver worldwide? :-)

  3. LOL I'm a total zombie up half the night most nights :). Your jewelry is really beautiful!


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