March 10, 2011

Collective Thoughts on NC Mom Conference

Going to a conference can be very overwhelming to one's brain. And though, in time, it learns to be selective on what it gets processed and retained in it's memory, the information stored may be a bit imperfect. To augment this inadequacy, I've put together the collective insights and thoughts of some of the wonderful women who attended the conference via their designated posts. Like pieces in a puzzle, these posts completes the picture. Read their stories:

  1. Ocean Isle Inn - @OceanIsleInn writes Part 1 of Recap of the Conference
  2. Coleen of Mommy Always Wins@Mommy_wins writes about Finding God and the Winery
  3. Angela of Pagan Mom Blog@PaganMomBlog writes a Recap of NC MomBloggers Conference
  4. Chele of The Bonafide Life - @CheleChestnut writes about Marketing Strategies Bloggers Should Know based on Cord Silverstein's topic and her own Recap of the Conference
  5. Sara of The Football Wife and @TheFootballWife writes about Laptops and Ocean waves...{Things that crash}
  6. Tiffany of Snarky Momma - @SnarkyMomma talks about her NC Mom Bloggers Beach Conference Haul
  7. Nancy of Southern Blessings - @NancysBlessings tells about her 1st day and 2nd day at  the conference.
  8. Barb of A Life of Contentment - @LifeContentment shares her Weekend with no kids.
  9. Jen of One Moms World - @Onemomsworld talks about having lots of hugs, smiles and laughs seen all throughout the weekend at the NC Mom Blog conference.
  10. Jen of Jael Custom Designs -@Jaeldesignsinc writes a Recap about the conference.
  11. Erin of Tales from a Marketing Mama - @ErinCLane shares her Recap about the conference.
As for me, I previously wrote about my unique observations by Husband-watching, the Mobile shots I took at the beach and my crazy but funny experience with brain farts! 

The best part of this is having a mini-reunion with all the wonderful moms I worked with during Ocean Isle Inn's first Mom Bloggers Retreat, meeting new friends, meeting online friends in person for the first time and reconnecting with Dr. Amy Preston and meeting Tammy of Eat Think Smile {who sponsored my attendance at the conference}. By far, NC Mom Bloggers conference is currently the most relaxed, un-rushed conference I've ever been. I'm definitely going back this Summer! 
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  1. I'd love to go to a blogging conference someday. Glad you had fun!

  2. It really was relaxed, right?

    I'm not huge on networking because I'm mostly an introvert, but in a setting that casual it's really easy to feel comfortable.

    Thanks for the link!


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