March 3, 2011

Husband: A Social Media Mom's Best Kept {Success} Secret

During the recent conference at Ocean Isle Inn's NC Mom Bloggers ConferenceI had the pleasure of indulging myself to husband-watching - not because I'm trying to find one to replace mine or snag one to bring home - but it was just glorious to see these usually dominant specie taking a passive role and working behind the scenes while their female counterpart take an active part in a highly female-dominated conference. A sight to behold to say the least. Yet their silent presence speaks volume in the success of each women in that room. Why, you say?  Let's break down the facts.

  • Extraordinary Chauffers - Some of us attendees have to drive six hours to get to the conference. We, no, my hubby drove 4 hours late at night with one hour of sleep the night before and did it so I'm not physically stressed for the conference the next day. Talk about total knight in shining armor!
  • Excellent Babysitters - Within the conference or away at home. They do a great job entertaining the children and keeping them happy while Mommies are hard at learning in the sessions. They keep the stress of childcare away from the mommies so mommies can enjoy the conference. What can one ask for more?
  • Unbiased Moral Support - This, I consider, is the KEY foundation that's helping enable women active in social media achieve success! Having the husbands showing complete support and a general understanding of what their wives do makes the whole equation come full circle. Those husbands sure showed that in the conference. Lucky Mamas! 
  • Reliable Partner - I can never fathom the countless times, my husband has been to my rescue. He brings me decent food when I had none. Charges my electronics when I neglect to. Is my personal IT guy and does it without pay. He became my trusted bodyguard! Literally, an extension of my arm and leg during conferences.  Always there when needed even when not.
Husbands become accessories when the social media wives are in conferences. Yet they take on this role with pride because they know there is a good reason why the wives do what they do! And yes, they get it! They are one of the many reasons how many women active in social media are able to do what they do! Tell me, is your husband supportive of your blogging?

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  1. My husband was awesome enough to watch not only my kids, but Barb's also, the whole time we were at the conference! It was great having a girls weekend. Haven't had one in forever!

  2. Oh my goodness... I love you Maricris! I have been thinking that might be a key to success from the beginning. My hubby is so supportive of me, he's my personal cheerleader! And like Nancy said, my husband supported me by staying home with the 4 kids, getting them to where they need to go... etc. it was the support I needed at the time. Love my husband! :)
    Also, I was loving watching these husbands with the kids at the conference. It was just beautiful! :)

  3. My husband has taken the back seat so many times. From staying home with a two month old breastfeeding baby, to standing beside me at conferences.

    This was a great post.

  4. My husband is also supportive and I'm so glad! He has done all those things you mentioned. I wouldn't have the business I have if not for him.

  5. Fabulous post! My husband is wonderful and very supportive. He always looks like a dear in headlights when I ask him about different design details of my blog (mostly a "what do you think about this?), but he always tries to help with his opinions and support. :)

  6. My husband is completely supportive of my blogging. He actually thinks I should try to expand.

  7. This a great post! I would never be able to blog without my husband. He is my number one fan, idea person, and business partner.

    P.S. It was great to meet you on the ferry at Disney Social Media Moms!


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