February 26, 2011

Chronicles of a Brain Fart

 Portrait of a Zombie Mama holding her zombie brain
{ no, that's just a cacao fruit }

So, I'm at the beach right now, Yay! right? No, make that double Yay! Since yesterday my allergies has not acted up one bit. And though I hate rubbing it in, it's so glorious being at the beach right now. Temperature is suppose to warm up tomorrow and I can't wait to walk down that so-lovely shore and dip my feet in the ocean water. Now no, this has nothing to do with the real story. Though I tell you, you'll get a good kick out of the real one. Guaranteed {at my expense unfortunately}. It's just so freakin' funny I have to share! I'm. still. laughing. at. myself. Yes, myself.

Well, last night, My family and I arrived at Ocean Isle Inn {for the conference} quite late. Like past 1 am late. My loyal chauffeur aka hubby only had one hour of sleep the night before.I on the other hand, had about 4 hours and struggling to stay awake to keep hubby awake. Daughter slept through the entire 4 hours. Fast forward, we got to the hotel barely awake opposite of daughter who was wide awake! Bed time. She can't sleep. Kept us awake. Me specially. Next morning result = bad case of Zombieness - which to me is an attempt to function normally without a proper brain. Hate days like it. Talk about brain farts!

And as without warning, the zombie brain malfunctioned during break time. I was on my way to grab some coffee from the fabulous "Madonna" who have a gold stash of Starbucks coffee and her own coffee maker in her room for my ever-so-addicted-to-coffee-husband! I should have known volunteering - like a good wife does - was a BAD idea {especially when you have Zombie brain going on}.

As I walk up the stairs towards the hallway, my brain froze up. I can't quite remember which number was Madonna's room! Was it 220 or 202? No clue! I walked back and forth the entire 2nd floor trying to figure out which one until Cindi "rescued" me. She was on her way to Madonna's room. Finally, got the prized coffee in two small cups. My dilemma, how to open the multiple doors leading to the connecting bridges leading to the opposite end where my room is? Ok, my juggling talent came in handy. At last, I got to "OUR ROOM" without spilling a single drop of coffee.  I was proud of myself.

Then I notice something odd. A "No disturb" door sign was hanging on the knob. It wasn't there before. I thought maybe hubby put it there because he was trying to take a nap. I inserted the Key Card on the slider. Oh no! the Key Card wasn't working. Hubby had the same problem earlier. I started knocking on the door. Many times. No answer. Banged harder. Kicking even. Still no answer. I was thinking maybe hubby had fallen asleep and my daughter was still on the balcony playing and can't hear me. I banged on the door even harder. Same time, screamed for hubby to open the door. Nothing. Man! I was ready to break down that door!

I left the two cups of coffee on a corner by the door and headed down to main office fuming! I had the young lady at the front counter re-image my key card who told me this issue happens A LOT. I was just happy to get my key card fixed. Walked away in a hurry...then it hit me!

You think you can guess what my big Oops here is yet? 

Well, If you haven't guess, I just realized that I was pounding my way like a mad-woman-with-two-cups-of-coffee-in hand at a totally WRONG ROOM! I doubled back to the office and had the key card re-imaged back to it's original room number { which was totally right in the first place!}. Went back up to the 2nd Floor, tip-toed my way towards THE WRONG ROOM - making sure to be soooo quiet in case the true owner of the room was waiting to jump at me for all the ruckus I did earlier - claimed the two cups of coffee on the floor and fled down the flight of stairs, scurrying towards THE RIGHT ROOM. My room on the first floor. 

Here's the raw deal - I went to Room 220. My room number is 120. Yes, I can hear you laughing. Thank you. I did say brain fart right? And I was so sure of myself... 

Note to self: next time have hubby get his own coffee!

Note for you: I don't have permission to reveal the real names of the other people involve in this hilarious story so screen names were used for them.

Note to occupant of room 220. If you're reading this, please accept this sleep-deprived-with-brain-fart-and-zombie-brain-holding-two-cups-of-coffee-for-her-husband-woman's sincere apologies! Even though, I have a funny feeling you were not even in your room when all this went down...


  1. I think I came in on the end of a conversation about this, but I thought you were talking about a previous conference you had gone to. That's hilarious! Of course, I can't claim to be much better. I went to another attendee's room as invited. Only I couldn't remember exactly which number she said it was, so I ended up knocking on two different doors, lol.

  2. If it makes you feel better, I was looking for "Madonna's" room too and ended up knocking on another attendee's door. Glad it wasn't just a regular guest because we laughed about it for quite some time.


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