July 22, 2009

The irony of road trips : Packing { again! }

And though it is soooo outrageous that I haven't even unpacked the luggage we had from our last trip yet {what can I say? I'm a mom with a wicked headache}, this is in a sense a bittersweet treat.
Remember last year, when we were forced to give up our Disney vacation that we intended as a gift for our daughter and how sad it made us because she might not see it in a loooong, long while?
Well, that changed recently. A blessing in disguise! We're actually going to Disney this week. It's not our dream vacation but what matter is, WE'RE. GOING.

My mother and her husband who lives in California are coming for a short visit then are heading to Holy Land in Orlando for a tour - which is of course where Disney is. We're driving them there. An 8 hour or so drive from Charlotte NC. Thankfully, my mom agreed to compensate her taxi drivers with a one day Disney experience which I'm really grateful for.

And though this trip will greatly impact our finances with me missing more days off from work , the sheer delight this news brought to my daughter was more than enough to force me to complete surrender and to just deal with the consequences later. I'm trying to stay positive. All for the love of my child. Just a few of the sacrifices we do for our kids which I hope they'll appreciate when they're older.

Now that Free $250 Shell Gift Card being given away by friends @ BlogHer.com can really come in handy about now but too bad it is drawn right on the day we leave but I'm hopeful. Go join if you haven't yet. They're giving away 5 GC's.

And oh on the flip side, that unpacked luggage collecting some of my BFF dust bunnies by the foot of our bed right now actually makes me semi packed! Funny how things work in your favor sometimes, doesn't it?

Now, while I'm away {enslaving myself as a chaperone}, I'll let you have a wild party in my blog! Just make sure you clean up after the party OK? So, go list your your giveaways and have fun meeting new friends and new blogs - and Oh don't you forget! Save some goodies for me!

Mr. Linky has been moved at the bottom of the blog. If you have a current giveaway, feel free to link it up. And make sure you spread the word! FREE Goodies for all. Thank you!


  1. Have fun at the House of The Mouse!! I am so happy for your daughter.

  2. I hope you have lots of fun on your Disney trip!

  3. Thank you for weighing in on my "belly dance smackdown" :D I appreciate the encouragement...Have a fabulous trip!

  4. I hope you guys have a blast!! We will be visiting again next summer (err I hope!)

  5. You're going to have the best time!

  6. Have a wonderful trip and make sure you have a blast! Thanks for the sweet comment!

  7. Have fun at Disney! Your daughter will have a wonderful time. I have yet to go to the one in Florida!

  8. Thank you so much for the giveaway linky Have a great time on your Disney getaway!

  9. Bring comfortable shoes & have a great trip!


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