July 27, 2009

Nay or Yea? Are you in or out? - PR Blackout

There is so much talk about this issue and mixed reactions from other bloggers. And though it's my choice to remain neutral for personal reasons, others finds it outrageous, some think they're just misunderstood. Whichever the case maybe, It's good to know that a wonderful person & bloggy friend is taking this as an opportunity to reach out to non-participating bloggers and to discover fresh and upcoming new ones.

I really do think that this is a good initiative. A way to bridge the gap. And it doesn't matter which side of the fence you are. It's always how you behave inside your fence that defines who you are and how you want others to see you as. It all boils down to two things: integrity and trust.

This will be a wonderful opportunity for new bloggers to shine! If given the chance. If you want to be included in this brilliant campaign and invitation by Jessica, who of course, everyone knows as Jessica Knows, this is what you need to do according to her own requirements quoted below:

"Bloggers, are you game to be contacted that week { week of August 9-15 }? Even if it’s a cold call or email to make an introduction and to find out more about you, your blog, and what makes you tick?

If you are, please leave your name, your blog url, what you’re passionate about when it comes to blogging, a fact about you we might find surprising and…if you care to…your contact information (alternatively let us know if we can find that contact info on your blog…we don’t mind having to look for it there)."

Give it a shot. Who knows { I'm sure Jessica would know! } you might be the next big thing she's looking for. As for me, if a good opportunity comes my way, I'll take it. And Only, of course, if it's a win-win situation and adheres to my guidelines. So, Click here to get to Jessica's blog or you can click on her name on my side bar. Now go break a leg! { Not Jessica's or yours I hope }.


  1. I believe I am too new to blogging to be here or there for the blackout. Glad to see I am not the only neutral person out there!

  2. I've done one review for a friend's review blog, it's an individual's choice. I enjoy the occasional giveaway but appreciate blogging for the community not the commerce. Thanks, M.C.

  3. This is great. I'll drop by her site later and see if I can do this. TFS!

  4. I'm staying neutral on this subject as well... to each their own is my opinion. Thanks for letting us know about Jessica's project!

  5. Interesting. I will hop over and check it out. Thanks MC!


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