July 31, 2009

Not BlogHer, Just Tornado, Rain and Disney

photo courtesy of visitflorida.com

So, I'm back from my road trip but what can I say, I don't have anything BlogHer-ish to share. Bu huu me! But that shouldn't stop you from reading my post, should it?

I promise you'll enjoy this one. What about a little taste of Tornado, thunderstorm and a soaking wet adventure, Disney style?

Yes, tornado. you read 'em right. Intrigued now?

So, while everyone is making their way to BlogHer09 in Chicago {woe is me}, my 5 year old daughter, my mom, her husband, my husband and my silly self, were weaving our way to sunny Florida.

No, I take that back! Sunny doesn't even begin to describe Florida as we have discovered that Friday afternoon.

We have just taken our last stop in one of the rest areas in the Highway by Daytona Beach, so hubby and I can switch driving. It was his turn. 15 minutes into the highway, we were met by a sudden gust of strong wind, lightning and rain that turned into a blinding, swirling storm. In an instant, we were engulfed in darkness and no visibility. All you see was this swirling rain and strong wind pushing and shaking the car both ways!

The busy highway slowed to a crawl. Thank heavens for smart drivers who turned their hazards on so we can see each other. As we snail-crawl our way forward, we saw cars parked on either side of the roads. Dang it! I've never been so scared. Hubby was glad I wasn't driving. I would have freaked out! It got to a point where it was so hard to even see the hazard lights flashing ahead of us, that we too, decided to detour on the side of the road amongst others who were already there. Poor bikers! Imagine us all clueless and shaking with fear.

As soon as the storm let up a touch, we crawled back into the highway. We were 20 minutes away from our exit and it was the longest and grueling 2o minutes drive of our lives! Driving blind as we go. Then slowly, we saw the sky brightening up a little above us, we drove a little faster. Then some more. Then all of a sudden it was clear sunny skies! What the heck?

I looked back. Half of the highway was engulfed in dark storm clouds and half of it was not! It felt like going through a dark tunnel in a horror movie. To make the long story short, we made it to the hotel unscathed. We immediately tuned in on the news that night and whaddya know? A tornado touched down {click on this link and scroll down to see pictures of the damages} on Osmond Beach and Port Orange! Exactly where we were. We were right in the middle and we were right inside the band of the tornado! Honestly, I'm still creeped out to this day! Gosh, I would have hated being part of that show 1000 ways to die! - one way to die: drive towards a tornado! ugh.

The next day, we saw this :

Double rainbow in Orlando, Florida

Not just one rainbow but two! side by side. True to its' promise, the day remained sunny and we got to enjoy our tour of the Holy Land and indulged ourselves in the pool at the hotel for the rest of the day. Glorious!

Last Supper with "Jesus" @ Holy Land

Now Disney was a different story! My oh my! I'll save the rest of the story for next time so I can post pictures without boring you to death about now. Let's just say that Disney made more money selling rain coats that day! Sweeeettt!? nah!

Till next post. Thank you for reading. You rawk!


  1. I'm glad you're all OK. How lucky to catch a double rainbow. I can't remember the last time I saw a rainbow.

  2. Wow! I'm glad y'all made it through that and had a good time!

  3. In all my days, and I'm 500 years older than you, I've never seen a double rainbow. I cannot imagine your fright of such a terrible storm. Imagine if you had, at that moment, KNOWN you were in the middle of a tornado! Very glad you and your family are safe and sound.

  4. hehe. Sounds like a serious adventure. I'm glad you all made it out safe and sound and had a great vacation!


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