July 20, 2009

Death of a Legend, a money making deal for others: Michael Jackson Frenzy

photo courtesy of TMZ.com

With the unexpected death of Michael Jackson, while fans are thrown into hysteria, proliferation of entrepreneur- driven minds seem to have taken advantage of this tragedy to make money. One of them in the form of books.

I was just at the bookstore today and the first thing that greeted us at the door was this display table and shelf filled with several so-called biography books from different authors documenting Michael Jackson's life.

I could not believe it. Michael Jackson is not even dead for a month! Everyone is still practically mourning his death. But I guess, this frenzy has a lot of income-generating potential that it's too hard to pass up by some.

I flipped through some of the books and most of them featured picture gallery of Michael Jackson including current ones surrounding his death. What boggled my mind was how fast these authors whipped up these books and published them in less than a month? Some of them were really thick even without the picture gallery inclusions.

Fans should know better than to buy these books on an impulse. Because the question is, are these books even worth buying?

You think these authors would bother writing about Billy Mays? I doubt it.

Just saying....


  1. There will be plenty of Billy Mays and Farrah Fawcett bios too, if there's money to be made.
    So sad, RIP MJ.

  2. Although i was never a big MJ fan, it does dicust me as well that people like vultures look to make a killing off a death of a celebrity.
    On the streets in New York I see these stands and tables selling all kinds of MJ merchandise. What is really sad is that most of the items are poor quality scans of old magazine photos that were printed on handbags, shirts, clanedars cups, enlarged to posters and even framed and "signed" prints!
    It is So obvious that this is bootleg crap by persons looking to make a buck, but what kills me is that people are buying them it seems.
    Who are these morons buying this crap!?
    Especially if someone is truly a devoted fan, the last thing you would want to do is support someone else that is feeding off his death.
    Love your blog and i really like the way you think.
    soon again

  3. Thank you for visiting my blog. You might want to check out this post that I did a while back, when my sister-in-law arrived:

    Is this the blog that you post the most to? I'll send her your site to read. She's a wonderful person! Very lovely and I'm so happy she's my sister-in-law!

    Nice to meet you!

  4. Thanks so much for visiting my blog! LOVE LOVE LOVE your jewelry. Very talented!!

  5. I think it is really gross and morbid.

  6. Thanks so much for stopping by and following my blog! You're the best!


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