July 24, 2013

Family { Rainy } Summer Destination: Ocean Lakes in Myrtle Beach

Summer is in full swing and school is (still) out. It's an all-time high for family travel and family vacation. But with all these insane wet Summer weather we're getting, escaping to the beach needs some creative planning and somewhere fun and indoors SHOULD be a top priority! Lucky for us, we managed to get our "beach escapade" at the onset of Summer. Thanks to crazy weather, we didn't spend too much time at the beach but we DID enjoy it nonetheless. This being, it was rewarding to be at our favorite stomping ground, OCEAN LAKES in Myrtle Beach. We went right at the period I call "Transition week" - the best week to travel to HOT vacation spots even when it's wet out!

Pier 14 at the Boardwalk

So, why do we keep coming back to Ocean Lakes? Well, first off, it's family-friendly, privately-managed, a gated community with family-friendly amenities and activities, best of all, we get to spend time at our favorite private beach house that's a stone's throw away from the beach and then drive a golf cart! Now that is reason enough to come back.

For the more adventurous, they have camping grounds for RVs and trailer homes. It's also close to the heart of Myrtle beach city and all popular attractions! A huge plus. Or rather a boredom-buster when weather force you to get stuck indoors.

Mermaid Alive! at Ripley's Aquarium Myrtle Beach

Visit nearby attractions and shops
1. Ripley's museum - The place needs a huge makeover and updating but still a great option.
2. Ripley's Aquarium - Quite small but they have a new entertainment "Mermaids Alive!"
3. Barefoot Landing Shopping Center
4. Boardwalk
5. It's Sugar - For some sugar rush! New store just across Boardwalk
6. Broadway at the Beach Shopping center
7. Marketplace Commons - It's a new shopping center and growing
8. Pier 14 - Overlooking the entire boardwalk and the SkyWheel.

1. Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurant - They brew their own beer and food is yummy!
2. Bombay at the Beach - For Indian Food lovers. Go for their buffet for variety of options.
3. Meyer's Ice Cream Parlor - To cool you off! Just across Ocean Lakes South entrance.
4. Bangkok House Thai Restaurant - Authentic Thai food (Favorite Mom and Pop shop type)
5. Wood Haven Pancake House - For a quick, hearty breakfast when you're on the go.

Keep your receipt handy if you've visited one Ripley's attraction. This in case you want to visit another of theirs, they offer combo rates and you may just get the discount if you can present same day receipt.

 Travel Photos:

Watch directly on our Channel : Myrtle Beach Summer Travel Photologue

We know that the wet weather was a big bummer during our vacation but as you can see there were fun options to be had. We may have been overly caffeinated and buzzing with sugar for the most part but we had fun nonetheless!


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