July 24, 2013

Royal Tea Party with Cadbury

Let me tell you now that we did not hold a tea party in honor of the birth of the Royal Baby though that certainly wouldn't have been a bad idea either. It was rather a celebration of friendship, the chance to connect and sip a warm (or sweet - we're from the South) cup of tea, to relax and have a much needed break from all the back-breaking move we recently have and socialize with friends we missed. We so needed to just have this single day to slooooow down and be "human" again. Thanks to Cadbury who provided the "sweet treats" to get this tea party started,  royalty style! Plus, we love drinking tea as much as we love coffee, so overall, it was a good excuse to throw a party and no one needed to twist my arm to make me do it! 

So as we all don our Royal hats and trendy Fascinatorssip our tea, munch on some yummy sammiches, cookies, homemade scones and muffins and hold interesting conversations -- girls screaming and squealing in delight in the background occasionally -- the time to sample Cadbury Ice cream bars (4) four new flavors came by quick enough, to the excitement of everyone! Who wouldn't? I don't think anyone have the strength to resist Ice cream. Not me.

There were four yummy choices:  
Cadbury Royal Dark, Cadbury English Toffee, Cadbury Caramello, Cadbury Vanilla Chocolate.

As I present the product the first thing parents asked for was "Can I read the ingredients?" This just shows that more and more parents are becoming conscious about the ingredients in food they ingest and making sure they are making healthy choices for their families by eating food with good ingredients. One notable reaction that I hope more food manufacturing companies would seriously take into consideration and be more proactive about. 

As for the children, the favorite was surprisingly the Royal dark. They said "it taste just right". Not so sweet and just enough chocolate. It wasn't the one I would have personally went for but their choice was astonishing.

Some Feedbacks from parents:

English Toffee
"It almost reminds me of Dulce de Leche. Kind of caramel-ly but not overly sweet. Love the crunch too." 
- Alouis, grew up with Cadbury chocolates in South Africa

"It tasted really good. It's smooth and creamy and the caramel flavor was infused in nicely" - Sylvia

" I liked it!" - Nigel, from Australia also grew up with Cadbury chocolates 

Vanilla Chocolate
"It's got a very subtle flavor and I like that" - Marlene

Unanimous comment was the Ice cream bars being "the perfect size" -- "especially if you're watching your diet!"

This Summer, try something new with Cadbury Ice cream bars four new flavors. Who knows you might just like 'em!

Just like we did. And we have photos to prove it!

Watch it directly on our Channel : Royal Tea Party with Cadbury 

And if that is not proof enough, this should top it off! Our cool dad of the par-tea! Even dad's can't resist the fascinator and look good in one too! Say you?! (feel free to insert big ROFL here)

Thanks Nigel, always the life of a party! - And wish I can say that with an Australian accent. 

About Cadbury Ice cream bars
Blue Bunny ice cream recently teamed up with Cadbury chocolates in the creation of two new premium ice cream bars; Royal Dark and English Toffee and features new indulgent flavors; Caramello and Vanilla chocolate. They're now available in the market and just waiting for you to try!

++ Cadbury provided the home party kit in behalf of Mom Select to give us the opportunity to try their products. All opinion are ours unless otherwise stated. 


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