July 15, 2013

50 { Hard but Useful } Lessons I Learned from Moving

As you've  all come to know, I moved. This is my second major move which I thought I had it down to a science but as it turn out, the 9 year difference between the first move to now made a tremendous difference in the amount of schtuffs that we're moving! 10 years worth to be exact. To say I'm beat at the first wave of packing and moving would be beyond understatement! It's like Reality TV... only better. It's raw, unedited and uncut!

Here are 50 lessons I learned during this move...and rather painfully too... Things like...

1. Nothing beats packing a month before.
2. Pack each day at a time.
3. Stock up on packing tapes.
4. Gather up all sorts of boxes in different sizes.
5. Warn your friends in advance that you'll need every bit of their muscles come moving day.
6. Save 3-day worth of clothes for you to start you off.
7. Don't pack freshly laundered clothes.
9. Organize box as you unload them from moving truck.
10. It will take at least a week to figure out labyrinth of unmarked boxes.
11. You can never find your shoes when you need them for an event.
12. Save eat-out budget for an entire week.
13. You can't cook a decent meal with pots and pans MIA.
14. You uncover forgotten treasures hidden to you for years.
15. You end up with approximately close to 3 weeks of laundry.
16. Figuring a new house is like figuring out a puzzle.
17. Looking pretty and glamorous becomes a thing of the past quick.
18. You make do with what you have available to you no matter what it is.
19. Your closet is the laundry basket for a week.
20. T-shirt, short and sandals are your main fashion for an entire week.
21. Moving, unpacking boxes and climbing up the stairs becomes your main form of daily exercise.
22. You get muscle aches and pains like you've never have before.
23. Garage becomes your dresser for at least a week.
24. You're ALWAYS tired but you sleep like a baby and are out like a light as soon as you hit the bed!
25. Blogging gets pushed to the side burner indefinitely.
26. No social life for about 2 weeks.
27. You're unplugged and isolated from internet for about 2 1/2 weeks.
28. Boxes becomes a part of your daily life.
29. The first thing you have in your mind the moment you wake up is "what box will I tackle today?"
30. Mail delivery becomes wacky for a week.
31. You have to change and update addresses on all your bills and social connections.
32. School-hunting is the next major task in your agenda.
33. Locating your favorite stores or the alternative becomes a must-find priority.
34. Disposable cups, plates and utensils becomes your BFF.
35. Members of your family kept locking their selves out several times.
36. Entire family being locked out at least once is the culmination of moving to a new house.
37. Learning how to break into your house without breaking a window becomes a new found talent.
38. There are crazy neighbors anywhere you move to.
39. Family time is temporarily replaced with unpacking boxes and carrying them to designated rooms.
40. Cleaning and decorating seem endless.
41. Your child misses her friends so bad it hurts.
42. You miss your favorite stomping grounds so bad it hurts.
43. You know who your friends are when you need help moving.
44. Leave moving to the professionals.
45. And lessen stress by leaving packing to professionals!
46. Ask for moving help a month in advance if you're asking friends for help.
47. Sweaty and dirty is your fashion statement for about a week.
48. Dust is in an all-time high, your allergies gets so bad and you're sneezing like crazy all the time!
49. You keep wishing you have a magic moving genie everyday!
50. Bruises, occasional injuries are a painful part of moving.

Anything you want to add to my list? I have more but I'll save it for another day.

Editor's Note:
In retrospect, moving helped me lost weight -- a great thing!, build up my muscles, discover things we never knew we had, purged things we didn't need or want, best of all, we got more rooms now! Which is a huge perk for me. I now have my own studio where I can blog and do my creative stuffs -- in peace! ( Until my 9 year old decides to hang out with me ).


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