July 22, 2013

Home Solutions: Saving the Unwanted Candles

I have been keeping a few ugly, defaced but scented decorative candles which I ironically love, for a few many years now. They were part of my "candle garden" that I lovingly put together and displayed proudly on my coffee table when my daughter was about 6. A few days into being displayed, my daughter decided to be Freddy Krueger and "massacred" the poor things. She gouged out chunks of their top layers and left traces of colored entrails everywhere. Much to my shock and horror after discovering this tragedy, I decided to store them away rather than toss. I did say I love them right? But of course, I completely forgot all about them until we moved and unearthed them during one of my unpacking sessions.

They didn't age a day or melted and the ugly scars of the past are still deeply visible as the day it was inflicted. I decided it was time for the ultimate makeover of the century so I can reuse them somehow. I'm no plastic surgeon but I needed to be one to give these candles some needed face lift!

So the surgery begins...

THE Knife comes out.

I took on the role of a surgeon.

And my assistant? The culprit.


3 years after.

1. Using a steak knife, I started carving out layers all the way to the depth of the "scar" until leveled.
2. Using the serrated edge, I outlined fine lines mimicking the original design on the green candle.
3. Applying the same technique, I leveled the other candle (and the rest not pictured).
4. Gave this candle an un-uniformed top by carving the layer in contrasting direction to match its marbled look.

So, from this.

To this.

Success! Good as new.

It now serves us a decorative accent on my garden tub for that added spa-like ambiance in my bathroom (See picture above).


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