July 30, 2013

3-Bean Macaroni Salad Recipe ( For Vegetarians and Picky Eaters )

Today was one of those days when I don't have the time to cook anything fancy. Good thing I came up with this recipe which is quick and easy to make. Great for Moms on the go and those who needs quick-meal ideas! It's also great for vegetarians, great source of protein and a brilliant option for incorporating vegetables for children who love pasta but absolutely hates veggies! Read on and get the secret.

Personal note: 
My daughter hates is not a big fan of bell peppers, onions and carrots but I got creative with this recipe and got her to eat them. How?! Get ready for the secret! What I did was, I cut them up in VERY SMALL cubes and diced them in small pieces. It's quite hard to pick them out one by one in every spoonful, and even when she did, she gave up soon after her first try. And being small means she's not totally "tasting" the to-her-despicable ingredients, so huge win! She also almost devoured the entire entree which is a good sign that she loved it! Another win for this mama! And this recipe being simple, almost "no-cook" and only takes 15 minutes to prepare is a huge plus all on its own.

Organic 3-Bean (Kidney, Pinto and Garbanzo) in can - washed and drained
3 cups elbow Macaroni - cooked
1/4 cup yellow bell pepper - diced in small pieces
1/4 cup orange bell pepper - diced in small pieces
1/4 cup shredded carrots - cut in smaller pieces
1/4 cup celery - sliced to small pieces
1/8 cup red onions (or yellow) - diced in small pieces
1/2 cup Mayo with Olive oil

Salt and pepper to taste

In a bowl, combine all ingredients and mix thoroughly making sure Mayo with Olive oil coats every bit of ingredients in the bowl. Sprinkle a dash of pepper and salt according to taste. Voila! Easy Peasy.


Tip 1:  You can add raisins or cranberries if you want to add a little hint of sweetness to it.

Tip 2: You can add more Mayo with Olive oil if you want a creamier option.

My original recipes are inspired by being an honorary vegetarian and being married to a vegetarian. I have been "inventing" and "re-inventing" dishes to convert them into vegetarian dishes so I can feed my husband and daughter good food with good ingredients based on "regular" dishes and without sacrificing taste, flavor and texture.

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