August 23, 2013

Back To School DIY: Decorative Holders made of Upcycled Tin Cans

With back to school just around the corner, here's a fun project that would prove useful for helping keep your little Einsteins organized and you, saving big bucks on those back-to-school home organizing needs! All you need is a little...ahem, elbow grease and a bit of creativity. And what's best about this one, they make for great teacher gift ideas too!

So, let's start clanging, er, gathering yer tin cans.

Materials needed:
15.05 oz can
Hot Glue Gun
Glue Sticks
Decorative beads
Decorative wrapping paper
Liquid Glue
Paper cutter

Wash the tin cans with soap and water and dry them thoroughly.

For ribbons: Cut strips of ribbons long enough to overlap edge to edge to the size of the tin can's body. Stick them around the polished areas with hot glue. Make sure where ends meet is on the "back side" of the can for seamless design. Repeat process on the lower portion of can.

For wrapping papers: Cut strips of the wrapping paper to the size of the polished top and bottom of can. About 1/2 inch or smaller according to your preference. Length should be same as ribbon above. Stick with liquid glue.

Lids: If you opt to use the lid like I have in this design, trace and cut round pieces of a decorative wrapping paper complementing your ribbons or design scheme to the size of the polished center area of lid. Stick them on with liquid glue. Add a finishing touch using a decorative bead or ribbon, or give it pizzas using your own personal touch to the design (I did the breast cancer pink ribbon).

Use hot glue to stick the lid as accent to the can on the "front center side". Let dry and voila! Flaunt your creation.

I'm using mine for my tools and whatnots on my creative table. If you want your children to create their own masterpiece and don't want them handling hot glue, give them duct tape and let them explore their own creative prowess! (see rainbow duct tape design done by my 9 year old which she's using as pencil holder). Start saving your cans and upcyle them! Possibilities are endless.

Product recommendation: 
For a smooth, clean and sharp-free edges, I use OXO SoftWorks Smooth Edge Can Opener. This can opener is a work of genius! Instead of 'slicing" through the top of the lid, it "breaks" down the adhesive and separates the lid from the can in one easy stroke. I have the 1st generation version. The new version look a lot more ergonomical.

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