September 30, 2011

In Memory of Val - A Mother Stolen by Breast Cancer And the Fight to END it!

Valerie Dowd
July 1956 - Sept 2011

You know what? I wish I didn't have to write this. I wish I didn't have a breast cancer story to share but no, I've got one and I'm not happy about it. Losing someone to death is always devastating. More so when it happened twice in a row. After losing my step-father to death, just a month after that, we lost Val to breast cancer. Though her passing was a display of strong faith and courage, no one can deny the agony of losing someone. I wish there was a way that her death could have been prevented...

Val was a single mother, devoted to her four children. She have one daughter. I can't help thinking about her and hope. Hope that the continued research to find the cure for breast cancer will soon find a promising breakthrough so, that her and those with history of breast cancer in their family and those currently suffering from it can be saved from the agony of this deadly disease. No one deserve to die this way, or to lose their mother this way...

Mother like Val. 
Val faced death like a true warrior. Weeks leading to her death, she took the time to plan for her funeral. She selected the songs to be sung, the quotes and bible verses to be read and how the entire program for her service should be. She bravely prepared her children with her inevitable death. She was a real champion even in death. But still, her passing gripped us with deep sadness. She will be sorely missed. 

And this year, though we are devastated that it is no longer in honor of Val but rather in her memory, my husband has yet again, for the 4th year, volunteered to crew and raise money for Avon Walk for Breast Cancer with a hope that in his own little way will help further the research to find the cure for breast cancer and eradicate the death of many Vals' all over the world and prevent breast cancer from STEALING MOTHERS AWAY from their children! It's NOT FAIR!

The fight with breast cancer has surely become downright personal to us. And in Val's Memory and for those suffering right now, we ask for your support. Our goal for this year is to raise $2000. Please help us reach it and be a part of our personal fight with breast cancer! In it to End it!

Please click on the link to donate: In Memory of Val

Though we can't give anything to you in return, we hope you would accept our sincerest Thank you! 

Fight with us!


  1. I did the Avon Walk back in 2007 in honor of a friend who was at that time going through chemo and radiation for breast cancer. She just celebrated her 60th birthday. Another friend was not so lucky. She was diagnosed in early 2008 and died on July 4, 2009. Will keep you and Val's family in my prayers at this difficult time, Maricris.



  2. Thank you Alison! It is sad that some are not lucky in this awful fight. Your support is truly appreciated. Huge thanks!!!


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