October 23, 2009

Above all else is Charity

After my successful project for Dress for Success in behalf of Moms at Work Luncheon September of this year, I have been on all-time high since. It feels good to be able to give. Makes it more special when you give of yourself and your service. No money can top that.

I have no money to give but I have something else to give like my hair. I'm growing my hair again this year for Locks of Love. It will be my 3rd year. I also did the Shop for Cure Summer of this year in support of Avon Walk for Breast Cancer while my hubby will again be a Volunteer Crew Team Leader for their walk the 2nd time this year in honor of her sister who is a survivor.

Now we all know that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and if you're looking for simple ways to take part and support Charitable causes, here are some companies that can use some of your help :

My favorite restaurant Panera Bread has re-launched the Pink Ribbon Bagel. Good Taste for Good Cause! The idea was developed in 2001 by Sue Stees, one of Panera Bread's first Franchisees and also a breast cancer survivor herself as a way to help support the cause.

Hungry Howie's launched Love, Hope and Pizza in support of the cause.Great for Pizza lovers. Enjoy your pizza while helping fight Breast Cancer.

Organic Bouquet has a Breast Cancer Awareness Collection that includes organic cookies in support of the cause.

My shop Golden Flower Creations is also participating to support the cause by donating a portion of it's sales of some of these items below for the whole month of October:

Giving is a virtue and there are many ways to help and support any cause. I know it's hard to give when you have nothing to give but it sure does feel good inside when you've done something good. Total Nirvana! 

Please let me know if you're running a fund drive or cause for any organization so I can add them in the list. 

Note: Products mentioned here are not paid endorsements, just my personal choice.


  1. J'adore Panera! It is seriously one of the things i miss most about the States. I would seriously kill for one of their sandwiches right now. LOL The pink ribbon bagel is such a great idea!

  2. Pretty useful article, I'd say. keep the good work up.

  3. Thanks for the info on all the ways to give back and congratulations on your success!


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