April 2, 2009

Making a Difference

When I see a great story or a selfless act that touches the core of my inner being or speaks to my heart, I want to highlight them and draw inspiration from it.

A new segment of Nightly news with Brian Williams, Making A Difference is one deserving of recognition. It has made such an impact not only on me but to a lot of viewers. It is truly inspiring that during this tough economic times, great deeds and selfless giving still abounds and has not been altered but more so encouraged more philanthropist at heart to give unconditionally... Human saga at its' best!

We all have a giving heart but giving doesn't always mean monetary. This is me. I don't have the luxury of money to give but I have something useful to give which is so a part of ME. Long, black and thick. My hair! My little way of making a difference... Bringing a little happiness to the kids of Locks of Love with a 10 inch worth of my hair!

This is my 2nd year of giving.


The Hair

{ picture courtesy of my 4 year old...}

Who is turning 5 years old this April. I'm quite blessed to have a healthy child. I wish all the kids in the world are healthy but like the kids of Locks of Love, they're NOT. As part of my Pledge of Gratitude, I'll continue donating my hair for as long as I can.

Then all this month, 10% of each sales of my shop Golden Flower Creations, will get donated to the cause. I hope to be able to raise $250 or more. Please help me reach it. Your pledge of $2 or more will go a long way!

Please join me in helping these kids.
I know I'll get by with a little help from my bloggy friends...

My utmost gratitude is yours...
If you want to donate your hair, visit www.locksoflove.org and make a difference in the life of a child today!


  1. I just did the Locks of love last fall... my youth pastor/worship leader did it just before me.
    I had 14 inches cut off and still had enough hair to go way past my shoulders! (That gives you just a small idea of how long my hair was!) I am growing it out again and when it reaches my original length, it gets chopped again! :)
    I love your new haircut, its cute! Your four year old is a wonderful photographer!

  2. Hooray for you!!!!! Fabulous organization!!!!

    My teenage son has donated 10+ inches 3 times and is currently growing his hair out again- a personal gift that impacts the receiver in a very personal way :)

  3. Thank you so much for doing this. You are beautiful with both long and short hair!
    Your daughter is a great photographer.

  4. do you know Jay @halftimelessons or halftimelessons.com !? he just shaved his head BALD for a cancer organization..

    Hair is important to people so i'm very impressed with ya'll!!

    I love the courtesy of my 4yrold picture!!

    THAT was only one year's worthof HAIR!!

  5. Maricris how generous of you. I'll be sure to donate Wednesday when that old paycheck comes in. I think you look fabulous with your new hair cut. Also that is a great picture for a 4 year old to take.

    I am a lot better now. I have had three rough weeks of being sick but feel good. Still waiting for numbers on my kidney but I'm not stressing over it. Thanks so much for asking. I hope you and your family are doing well also. Have a great weekend friend!!

  6. You are a leader here. I am really impressed and awestruck. You have a truly generous heart! Glad to see you back in the mix.

  7. What a great thing to do - do they take prematurely gray therefore overly dyed hair?!

    Seriously, a great thing to do, you probably can't even imagine the change in someone's life you just made.

  8. That's so nice of you to that Mari!And I love your new do! ;)
    Oh...Talking about hair cuts...Thanks for your lovely comment!Me an Indian Princess??LOL!Yeah right!

  9. Maricris, My daughters and I have donated our hairs to Locks of Love and we are again in the process of growing out our hair to do so in a few weeks. Thank you for highlighting the need to some something good for someone. It is always a welcome notion and reminder to all of us.

  10. Fantastic! I thank you for sharing! :)

  11. Wonderful charity! That's awesome your helping out.

  12. What a wonderful cause to participate in. The short hair looks really cute.

  13. What an awesome heart warming story! Thank you for posting the video...That mans wife would be so proud of her husband..bless his heart!

    And good for you growing out and sending your hair in! Your hair looks adorable short too!

    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a note..it was quite a bit ago. I am so behind on that thing! I know you have said that you have been busy too and having a hard time keeping up. We are moving this month..so lots of packing and stuff going on. How is biz going?

  14. What a wonderful cause & contribution! I cut off all my long locks & went to mommy hair when I was in my 30s! You look fab!

    Looking forward to your guest post on my blog!

  15. Awesome gesture! I've donated my hair once to Locks of Love. It's a great feeling.

  16. What a great donation, Maricris! I always have short hair and if I donate and cut more of my hair makes me "kalbo" na, hehee!

  17. Wow you're really making a difference sayang nagpagupit ako sa Madrid sana may nakinabang sa kulot kong buhok. I let it longer para ipadala ko dyan. I will blog about para mainspired naman ang maga iba.


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