April 13, 2009

Easter Bunny came to Party !

My little Sasserfrass {who is no longer little - thank heavens!} celebrated her 5th birthday on Easter weekend. AND like every year, she integrates her own definitive chosen theme for each birthday parties she have {very assertive indeed! She may be the next Trump! you're fired! } - Well, it's her party after all, so might as well let her have her way! Less argument, less stress. Everyone happy. Agree mon ami ?

Last year was Princess Party. This year she went from Shrek to Bunny! Don't ask me why Shrek! I'm just happy she settled with Bunny. Perfect choice if I must say. Le' Decor and favors abounds. No sweat! I was happy.

Best of all, Easter Bunny came to visit her during the party!

Oooh what a delight it was. The look in the face of my little Sasserfrass was Priceless!

And of course, her birthday cake was one to beat! Courtesy of Papa Bunny!

His best Creation so far!
Everyone loved it.

And the highlight of the party?
Bunnies opening gifts!

What a wonderful way of celebrating a birthday and Easter all in one day! With a lovely treat of having the Easter Bunny partying with us all.

Hope your Easter was as wonderful as ours...

I'm crossing my fingers for next year. My baby is no longer a baby but it's all good! It's a wonderful {though sometimes a painful} journey through parenthood... oh joy! {and grey hairs!}


  1. What a wonderful party! I love the cake, Daddy Bunny! What grey hairs?!?

  2. Wow! That looks like a bunch of fun. That is sooo cool to have a birthday that falls on or around a holiday. I know folks who have birthdays on or around Halloween and Christmas, how cool is that?

    Happy Birthday to yours little Sasserfrass =)

  3. love the pics....looked like a great day!!!

    m :)

  4. What a sweet party. Planning and organizing them can be a hassle but the reward is worth it. It's also fun to anticipate what they'll want the next year. Have a great week!

  5. Awww...that is too cute! I remember when my mom used to throw me themed parties when i was little.

    I'm glad she had a good birthday and Easter!

  6. My dad's Birthday is on easter, every 7 years! :) Happy late birthday to the birthday girl!

  7. I was born on Easter Sunday so my parents say I was brought by the bunny. Since then, my birthday has fallen on Easter 2 more times. LOVE EASTER BUNNY BIRTHDAYS! She had a great time! Happy Birthday sweetie.

  8. Hi Maricris,
    My son says wow easter bunny while he found his easter bunny chocolate.Your daughter is lucky to have you as mom.
    We went to the maybe world' oldest 400 years old amusement park called Bakken and its located in the middle of the forest. He was so ecstatic not only the rides but walking into the woods.
    Anyway today is the Blog reader Appreciation day and I would like to say Thank I appreciated your visits and comments and you actually inspired me.

  9. Maricris, belated greetings to your cute one! What a fun theme she chose!

  10. Happy Belated Birthday to your little one! Looks like a wonderful party! She's lucky to have a mother like you!


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