October 25, 2009

Pumpkin Fest with a Twist

So this Saturday we were invited to a neighborhood Pumpkin Fest minus my hubby who was away as a Volunteer Crew Team Leader for Avon Walk for Breast Cancer for the 2nd year (Bless his heart). As it is, It was just me and our little girly. Thanks to our dear friend Nigel who picked us up from home and treated us with a First Class pick-up service inclusive of scrumptious Chick-Fil-A meal on board, we definitely felt like VIP's. "I could get use to this." I told him and I know I will.

Now I had no clue what to expect in a Pumpkin Fest - being this my first - I was clueless but guessed it would be filled with Pumpkins? Well, as I found out it was not.

Instead, it was dominated by a horror tent and ghoulish freaks: a walking mustard bottle, an ostrich, a pirate, gypsy, rockstar, a bubble wrap superhero, SWAT kid, an abused bride (dead of course) and a witch to name a few! Then you have these silly humanoids and their pets crashing the party. I thought "so this is Pumpkin Fest...?" Not bad. It was actually fun even in the absence of the pumpkins!

Dancing the Hokey Pokey with the Ostrich Man

My little girly was beyond happy to get the chance to dress up and have a blast. Dressing up gets her into an enigmatic and animated mode, there's almost a sense of her being transformed to a different persona so akin of Dr. Jekyll and Hyde or The Mask - but in a very cute way of course!

Bubble Wrap Girl and the Charmed Witch to the rescue!

Here are 5 things I learned about Pumpkin Fest ala for the dummies 101:

a) A great way to get your neighbors together for a meet and greet event.
b) Chance to taste different foods and swap recipes.
c) Fun and safe way to kick off pre-Halloween for the kids in the neighborhood.
d) Karaoke fun! - having a voice is all that's required.
e) Best of all, a chance to dress up, play a part and have a blast in the process.

A Pumpkin Fest is a great neighborhood idea as I've observed. Where I live, it is not celebrated so it was a liberating experience to be in one. Another great way to kick off Halloween before Halloween are the Boo Bash events hosted by local shopping centers around town which is chuck full o' fun for the kids, FREE food and discounted shopping treats for the adults!

One popular event as such in Charlotte is the BOO BASH at Blakeney which I missed this year in place of the Pumpkin Fest. No regrets there (crickets) although I was a bit disappointed that I didn't. My mom groupie at Moms Like Me.com were a-calling my presence at the event where they have set up a table but alas, I could not! Oh well, next year...

I hope the idea of Pumpkin Fest inspired you to create a similar one in your community or even as a family event to get together to kick off an unforgettable Halloween week. I would love to hear what ideas your family do to celebrate pre-Halloween, traditions or whatnots, just leave your insightful comments below so we can all see it and pick up an idea or two! Thank you...

Happy Pumpkin Fest everyone! BOO!

Check this State hosted Pumpkin Festivals for more ideas:
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Illinois Pumpkin Festival
California Pumpkin Festival
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  1. Love the ostrich costume! That's cool. LOL Pumpkin fest sounds like a good idea for a nice safe halloween for local kids.

  2. That sounds like so much fun and a great idea! Glad you liked my photos from the Keene NH Pumpkin Fest for Wordless Wednesday!


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