June 6, 2013

Family Vacation Planner Infographic We help put together for Orlando Vacations and YOU!

It's vacation season! And you know what that means. Planning and tons of vacation planning for the family. Are you ready for the Summer?

In two days, my daughter's school officially ends for the year. Which means, "we have to go somewhere or go insane!" Well, I made sure that will not happen! Plans were already made since last year. As a constant traveler, I know the drill perfectly well, I've almost got our vacation planning down to a science!

And lucky you! The formula is available for you right here, right now. Orlando Vacations put together an infographic containing rich informations gathered from over 60 families and influential bloggers, including yours truly, to give you the best tips and useful resources to help you plan for your next vacation and travel options as close to perfect!

Your Family Vacation Planner

List of bloggers credited for the informations gathered by Orlando Vacations
though with minor correction: My URL shown is my old one redirecting to ZensibleMama.com

Have a perfect vacation!


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