June 10, 2013

Blood Orange Cafe Mocha Recipe { Original }

I love coffee and it's not a secret. I even have a bumper sticker on my car that shamelessly tells the whole world about it! Now the only thing you won't hear me shouting about is the after-effect of the creamer or milk that makes my favorite drink as yummy as they are! It's the awful payment I have to pay to enjoy my favorite coffee. It sucks but hello Lactaid! I'm a half-and-half creamer kind-of-gal but I'm also willing to try anything to enjoy my coffee without the gory, nasty side effect of being lactose-intolerant. Thus I tried my creative genius on Lactaid milk and created an original recipe incorporating my favorite chocolate bar and favorite blended coffee drink - Mocha! - and what do you know?! It turned out Yummmmyyyy!!!

 Blood Orange Cafe Mocha Recipe

Ingredients { for 1 mug }

2 squares of the Blood orange chocolate bar ( from World Market)
1/2 cup of Lactaid whole milk (skim milk or low-fat)
2 cups of your favorite brewed coffee ( You can also use 1 packet of Starbucks Via)


In a small pot, melt the chocolate squares with the Lactaid milk on low heat. Once melted, pour into your pre-prepared coffee, stir and enjoy! That simple!

* This coffee drink is best enjoyed while you are at the beach! -- Well, that is because I'm at the beach right now on vacation and it's at the beach where it was created --  inspired by the crashing sounds of the waves, the salty wind that's whipping on my face and hair right now and the sunset that looks like... well, Bloody Orange! Yes, it is! :-)

+Lactaid through The Motherhood provided the Lactaid product for me to try out. This is part of a compensated project unless otherwise stated. All other opinions are ours.


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