May 6, 2013

Busting Lactose Intolerance with Melissa D'Arabian and #Lactaid + Giveaway

Kathie Lee and Hoda with Melissa D'Arabia
making a lactose-free Blueberry Muffins 

with Lactaid milk at the Today Show.
If you are one of those individuals that can't handle dairy, like me, you're not alone! According to National Digestive Diseases Information, 40 Million Americans are lactose intolerant but worst for Asians, like me, where 90 Million suffers from this very uncomfortable and sometime lifestyle-altering condition. For those who suffer from this condition, you'll easily agree that dairy is like the dreaded bogeyman that you try to avoid as much as you can! Boo! 

Yet knowing more about this condition can greatly help you understand how to deal with it and still enjoy a life, or a meal or two with milk and dairy.

I had the privilege of learning more about my condition attending a Lactaid-sponsored briefing session with Melissa D'Arabia, spokesperson for Lactaid and Registered Dietician Michelle Harrington, Lactaid® Regulatory and Nutritional Affairs Manager. I"ll be honest, I have never tried Lactaid before neither attempted to try it but after the session, I got sold on the idea. Hey, they have Ice cream! Ingesting ice cream without the nasty side-effects? Count me in!

Here are some useful informations I learned from the session:

Facts about Lactose Intolerance 

  • Most people produce that natural enzyme, lactase, which breaks down lactose (sugar in milk). The amount of lactase your body produces will determine how much lactose your body can break down
  • Everyone has different levels of lactose intolerance
  • It is common for lactose intolerance to be progressive; many people develop a lactose intolerance later in life

Tips for eating with Lactose Intolerance:

  • Important note: if someone who is lactose intolerant consumes products containing lactose on an empty stomach, they will be more prone not to tolerate it. Eating lactose with other food will help you digest it more easily
  • Many lactose-intolerant people find that yogurt doesn’t bother them
  • Yogurt has live and active cultures in it that help digest the lactose
  • Greek yogurt has double the protein and fewer carbs, which means less lactose and easier to digest
  • If tolerated, yogurt is a great way to get nutrients and calcium needed in an everyday diet!
  • Rule of thumb for eating cheese: the harder the cheese, the less moisture or whey in it—as a result, the less lactose in it
  • Always choose the aged cheeses, as they are lower in lactose
  • Aged Cheddar, Gruy√®re, Pecorino and Swiss cheeses will have less lactose in them
  • Melissa suggests introducing these aged cheeses back into your family’s diets in small amounts to see how much they and/or you are able to tolerate

Lactaid is giving away one voucher coupon to one lucky reader to try their product.  Just tell us which of the Lactaid products you would want to try

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About Lactaid
  • LACTAID® Products can help people who have a lactose sensitivity to digest dairy products without stomach discomfort so they can enjoy the creamy, delicious taste of dairy that they love
  • LACTAID provides the lactase that the body can’t produce enough of, which helps you break down lactose
  • LACTAID® Dairy Products are 100% real dairy, just with a natural yeast-derived enzyme added called lactase
  • LACTAID® Lactose-Free Products include Milks, Cottage Cheese, Ice Cream and Eggnog
  • LACTAID® is the nation’s #1 lactose-free dairy brand.+

It's great to know that there is an alternative to dairy THAT is dairy but sans the discomfort of a nasty side effects. For a sufferer like me, this is good news. I can't wait to try their products and see how well it works!

+Lactaid through The Motherhood provided the giveaway and additional informations for this sponsored post unless otherwise stated. All other opinions are ours.


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