May 1, 2013

Britax Opened Its Doors To A New Location in SC

Jon Chamberlain, President of Britax cutting the ribbon to officially open the doors
to their new facility in SC. Next to Chamberlain, is South Carolina Director of External Affairs, 

Michael McInerney (right) and two other SC dignitaries.

And I was there to see it! Indeed, Britax found a new home just across the border. A hop away from NC, their former home. Their new facility looked very impressive and their presence in SC will certainly mean jobs and definitely a needed lift to South Carolina's economy. I'm sure Charlotte felt a loss when they left its boundary but Britax needed more room to grow and South Carolina have the space they needed.

The Tour

One of the areas we were allowed to see was the assembly department where hard at work workers were putting car seats together...get this...with their hands! Just seeing that made me appreciate the car seats a lot more, right there and then! In this day and age, I wouldn't have been surprised if they were assembled by robotic machines but no, human hands actually does! Now that's impressive!

Jim Ingram, Director of Operations giving us a brief insight inside the Assembly department

According to Jim Ingram, Director of Operations, "Each of these car seats you [guests] see are assembled by hands by our staffs and each part is quality-checked to ensure defective or questionable ones are immediately removed or set aside in those big white boxes set at each line". 

And when I asked him further where their parts are made, He responded, "Some of our parts are made in the US and some overseas."

We also got to see an actual Crash test in their lab but pictures and videos were not allowed. But what I can tell you is that it is very eye-opening and very impressive and I'm so glad that they are constantly improving their car seat's safety capability using high-tech equipment. For someone like me who have been in a car accident years ago when my daughter was young and sat in a carseat at the backseat when it occurredseeing the test was an oxymoron for nostalgia, fear and at the same time, comfort.

Comfort in the knowledge that newer car seats are better equipped for safety.

Photo Opp --Thanks to Demetra from Britax who offered to take pictures of me and Charity,
also from Britax, who I'm glad to meet IRL (In Real Life)!

Thank you to Britax for inviting me to join their grand opening celebration. I wish Britax success. Their success is also South Carolina's success and its people. Welcome to your new home!


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