May 30, 2013

Simple, No-Sweat End of School Year Teacher Gift Ideas

I can't believe we only have about 8 days left of school, can you? My daughter and I have already racked our brains out about what she would want to give to her teachers before the school ends for the year. We would like something totally creative but with us going through the insanity of moving and no time for anything time-consuming, we came up with some simple, minimum to effortless ideas that's easy on the budget and quick! It's also great for the non-crafty lot among us.

Our Top 7 Gift Idea Recommendations:

1. Gift Cards - Our top choice is a coffee gift card. Can't go wrong on this one. Who doesn't love coffee or Starbucks? For other option, you can either give a smoothie gift card, Department store gift card or grocery gift card. This option can be exclusive to your class teacher if so preferred if you don't want to blow up your budget.

2. Potted Plants - Seasonal Flower plants or herb plants is always appreciated. For the teacher who have a green thumb, a potted plant is a treat. For one who loves to cook, I'm sure an herb plant will be graciously welcomed. Nothing beats fresh herbs ingredients when cooking! 

3. Flower bouquet - Flower is flower. It's always a great show of appreciation. To make it extra special, give them their favorite flower. This requires a bit of detective work if you don't want to ask the teacher directly. You can give yourself the fun of playing Sherlock Holmes for a little bit.

4. Cookies - No one will say NO! to cookies! To make it special, you can bake them yourself or buy your teacher their favorite cookie. Either way, no one will decline chocolate chip cookies. Trust me, I know a lot out there who are cookie monsters disguised as teachers! 

5- Cupcake - Like cookies, cupcake is also a great choice. You can have it personalized via a cupcake shop or just like the cookies, you can bake them yourself and add in your personal touch! Any teacher will appreciate your effort.

6- Chocolate bars -  Who doesn't like chocolates? This is probably by far, the smartest and quickest option. Some bars have personalized packaging that is timely to any occasion. If you are out of ideas, just grab one, or two, or three, at your favorite store and you're set! Your children's teacher will love it!

7. Personalized greeting cards - Sometimes, a heartfelt letter with your child's own artistic drawing and handwriting is enough to show their teachers how much they are appreciated. And I'm sure the teachers will appreciate knowing this in return. So, let your children write away and get crackin' with their creative artistry!

If you prefer something totally creative, try this Unique End of School Year Thank You Teacher Gift Ideas

Are you ready for Summer vacation?!


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