May 28, 2013

In Moving Purgatory

These couple make moving look good! If only it was real.
Lately, my days are surrounded by a growing number of boxes. Big, small and little ones in between. It's making my house look like a cross between a warehouse and a sardines can. It's getting tight in here so fast and we've just about started packing! All 10 years worth being squeezed in moving boxes.

Unreal. Just like the process. Put together box, sort, toss, fill, tape, pile, repeat.

It feels endless. Like a broken record, it's almost annoying. If this was Lord of the Rings, I'm in middle earth right now. Not hell. Not heaven. Purgatory

It's neither fun nor sad. Just plain crazy. And super stressful. It's one of those things you just got to do. In the end, the aim is for a win-win situation - or that's the hope anyway - along side, achy back, sore muscles and awfully tired self.

It's almost an oxymoron. We're happy and yet sad at the same time. Excited yet stressed all at once. A chapter in our lives unfolding.

New place. New home. New friends. New beginnings.

It's mighty scary.

I hope I don't get so carried away with all these monstrous packing, and end up packing myself in a box. That would not be fun. Not at all.

So while I'm in moving (more like packing) purgatory, I'm afraid you won't see much of me online and my social media visibility will be a little obscure.

I told you purgatory.

Wish me luck!

Want to write for me while I'm in Limbo?

No purgatory here.
Just pure tweetness.


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