February 27, 2013

7 Signs You're Raising Digital Kids

1- They navigate an iPad or Smartphone like they're born with it. No instruction manual needed.

2- They're up to date with the latest technology. Virtual play date via Skype?

3. Playtime consists of digital games and digital toys. 

4- They travel like a geek.

5- They always get their hands on the latest digital toys.

6- Other digital kids can easily identify them in a crowd. Takes one to know one.

We don't know this cute little boy but he apparently was another digital kid
who was magnetized by the sight of another digital kid with an iPad. 

And last but not the least...

7- They're guided by direct influence.

Family of three all plugged-in from sitting to waiting until called to their table in a restaurant.

Are you raising a digital kid?


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