February 19, 2013

How My Daughter Made Me Roll a Huge Snowball Boulder

I finally got my wish. It snowed in Charlotte! Woot! Woot! And good for snowball-making-kind-of-snow too! It's been ages since we got this much. Obviously, this snow-starved gal was beyond ecstatic! Though its arrival totally un-glamorized the heck out of me.

My family and I got caught when it dumped! Yes, dump is right. It began with little flurries, then bam! It got wild and crazy and we were in the middle of it. I must say, it was fun yet somewhat nasty at the same time. We felt like the snow was attacking us. I got hit in the eyes so many times. It was hard to see and it got cold very, very quick. Talk about ambush! Thankfully, we managed to get to our car half-blind and shivering and found shelter at Starbucks to wait it out.

When we finally got home, snow-magic began. While I was busy taking pictures half-blinded and half-freezing as the snow continue to pour, my daughter quietly collects snow sitting on top of our fence in the backyard nearby to create a snowball for herself.

It started with a little clump. Every time I glance her way, that clump keeps getting bigger. Then it got big and heavy for her to carry. She dropped the ball on the ground and she started to roll it...

She kept going. I took no notice. By the time I was done taking pictures, she was pushing this big boulder of snow and failing to move it any further! "WTH! What is that thing?!"  Which translated to Mom to the rescue. Darn that thing weighed a ton! And as we continue to roll, the thing kept getting bigger and heavier! I was panting and gasping like a mad dog, I can imagine my tongue hanging out of my mouth! We got it to the front yard but got stuck on a slope, close to where she wanted to "park" this boulder. Which translated to Dad to the rescue. 

To make the story short, after continuous grunting, panting and gasping, we finally managed to roll it to place.

Exercise I didn't wanted but gotten it. And beaten like a wet dog. No pain. No gain. The end.

Thanks snow.

I guess this is possible afterall.
Ever seen this commercial?

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