February 18, 2013

Tech Talk: Apps That Turn Your Smartphone Beyond Smart

Wouldn't it be nice if your smartphone was like the transformers? Having the capability of turning itself into a whole different persona. Kind of like you with an alter ego {admit it, we all have one}. But yes, with the bounty of apps circulating endlessly in the ethernet, there are apps that are bound to transform your smartphone...beyond just a smartphone. And yes there are apps that does just THAT!

Ways to "transform" your smartphone beyond smart:

Credit Card Readers - If you have something to sell then these apps are your BFF. You can accept payment anytime, anywhere. Just make sure you have good access to wifi and enough goods to sell. Most require membership which are free.

Flashlight - Stop being the "thing" that go bumping in the night! With this app, you'll have enough illumination to light your way into your bedroom through the darkened hallway after a late night of blogging. {Speaking by experience}.

Remote Control - If you're tired of having too many remote controls to operate just to watch TV, here's your solution. Handy remote straight from your smartphone.

Go beyond SMART!


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