May 11, 2012

Toyota Sienna 2012 Went To Disney To Meet Mickey

Toyota Sienna 2012 at Disney!

Yes, I sure gave this fully-loaded Toyota Sienna 2012 a ride of its life by taking it to Disney with me! And I, on the other hand, had a fun and smooth ride in return, WIN! This is the second time I've ridden a fully-loaded Sienna and each time I fall more in love with it. There is just a lot about it that's, well, lovable!

Proud "scars" of a true road warrior!

For the record, I will say that we are now officially in love with the Sienna due to some of these great reasons:

  • GPS feature. It helped us get out of tough knots and kinks out in the highways quite a few times. 
  • Satellite radio. Not once did we bother bringing our favorite music CD's or MP3 players. There was a lot of stations to select from and ones that we liked too.
  • Roominess.  I just love the extra room and comfort that I get from it that it felt awkward getting back into my car after being in the Sienna for a while. 
  • Camera and Rear Parking Assist Sonar. It got us spoiled. All we need was look at the double-purpose monitor when backing up especially in to our driveway and it beeps when we're utterly close for comfort to another object. Now that is totally cool!

My list doesn't stop there. You know I can go on non-stop if you let me, but what I'll say is that the Sienna is as magical as being at Disney! You just can't help but fall in love with it! We may be (very) close to deciding on what our next car is really going to be with all the blings we love about it. And I, is almost convinced that we have totally evolved into the next Swagger Wagon family! And that's NOT a bad thing at all!
The Toyota Sienna 2012 Silver  during our road trip to Ft. Lauderdale and Kissimmee 

**Toyota USA provided the car for this trip as a part of being a member of the Toyota Women Influencer Network (TWIN) through its extended Ride and Drive program**  


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