May 5, 2012

The Magic of Disney Beyond Disney - Facing my "Demons"

Mickey - my travel buddy

The thing about spending a magical time in a magical place like Disney is that you have to go back to your own reality one point or the other. No way around it... Just like my reality check immediately the next day we got back...

Hubby to me:  "You are no longer in a hotel (Walt Disney World) so replace the toilet paper when it's gone! Don't just leave it there empty!"  Yep, hello reality... 

But somehow the magic of Disney didn't end at Disney for me... really... In spite of my obvious realities which was a headache that put me down for the whole day after we got back (stress settling in so fast already) and my scheduled (scary) appointment with my Dentist for an initial procedure to prep me for my permanent crown the day after, something truly magical happened to me.

No, the Tooth Fairy didn't magically appear and paid me Millions of dollars for my tooth - I wish - but...

Rather, just like Tim Gunn, I too, have a fear of driving. To be more detailed (not to be too TMI), driving in the highway. I can drive anywhere else just not the highway. I get really scared. An acquired phobia brought about by a past accident. As you have guessed, IN the highway.

But today, I have to drive myself almost close to 60 mins round trip via the highway to my dentist. Face your fears right?! Or "demons" whichever is appropriate. It was not by choice but by a need to. Yes, I was scared.... very scared... If you must  know, I almost peed in my pants just thinking about it.

What helped me??? 

Mickey. Weird but true. Believe it. Having him in my passenger seat against my Minnie Bag calmed me down and helped bring back wonderful memories of those magical moments I just had the previous days. I'm proud to say, I survived the drive and I survived the procedure with a little mishap. Of course, that's another story.

Yes, this is a true story where Disney's magic goes beyond the park itself. Thank you Disney. Thank you Mickey... Thank you Disney Social Media Moms Celebration...

Yep back to reality...And I know I just have to share this story... What helps you face your "demons"?

Recap on the Disney Social Media Moms conference will soon be posted. Stay tuned. - Maricris


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