May 17, 2012

Road Trip From Charlotte NC to Disney World in 6 Minutes?

Watch on YouTube: Charlotte NC to Orlando FL in 6 minutes?

Imagine an exhausting 9 hour long drive and finishing it in 6 minutes! Incredible is it not? Yeah I know, if only it was possible! But it can be. With a little help from technology and a little elbow grease, here's a little time-lapsed video I put together during our road trip to Charlotte NC to Orlando FL all the way to Disney World to get you to experience what it's like to journey in less than 6 minutes! Brace yourself. It can feel like a roller-coaster ride without actually being in one and smoother! Divine! Thanks in part to the all-new fully-loaded Toyota Sienna 2012. The Chariot for the road warrior champion!

**Toyota USA provided the car for this trip as a part of being a member of the Toyota Women Influencer Network (TWIN) through its extended Ride and Drive program**  


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