February 25, 2012

Leaving for Toyota Women's Influencer Network Camp in California

Toyota USA Headquarters in Torrance
photo courtesy of wikipedia

Toyota is holding a "Meet and Greet" event for Toyota Women Influencer Network in their headquarters in Torrance, California where members of TWIN will get to meet fellow TWIN-ners alongside Toyota executives and valued members. While at the same time, get the chance to be immersed in Toyota's culture and acquire an in-depth knowledge of what makes Toyota, Toyota! 

Being a part of TWIN, I'm quite excited to take part in this mini-Camp and more so grateful that my schedule allowed me to go! There is so much to learn and a lot to discover and this in-person interaction with the brand and the people behind the brand would be such a valuable learning opportunity!

I'm scheduled to leave next week. I can't wait to share juicy details of my trip and this journey. Best of all, I can't wait to meet my fellow TWIN-ners IRL! And who knows? I might get reinvented after I get back from my trip! So, sweet-teas, you better stay tuned!

By the way, have you seen how Toyota reinvented my dust bunnies yet? And you would want to check this out too. More cool reinvention were made by Toyota during the Superbowl here: It's reinvented.

Note: If you have any question about anything Toyota, please let me know. I don't mind being your personal courier and delivering them to the right people!

*Zensible Mama is an exclusive member of TWIN. All statements expressed here are solely personal opinions and not influenced by Toyota*

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