February 27, 2012

Friendship Day and Build-A-Bear Workshop's 15th Anniversary

The official International Friendship day isn't until July 30th but in the world of Build-A-Bear Workshop, everyday is Friendship day! They've been creating best friends for 15 friend-filled years now. And in honor of their anniversary, Zensible Mama have partook in the celebrations by sharing her own friendship stories. Stories that are dear and close to her heart.

The stories are captured and related by videos. Hope you enjoy them!

Watch this on YouTube: Every Furry Friend Counts

First video is featured on Build-A-Bear Workshop's Share your Story section and titled A Furry Tale of Story and Friendship (and you are more than welcome to "heart" it - I hope you do!). It recounts how these furry friends have become such a special part of my daughter's life. And hey! you can SHARE YOUR STORY too!

This video is featured on She Streams TV and in their different channels titled the same: Great Friends Count In More Ways Than One. It retells what friendship meant to me and why I value the friends I have in my life beyond the norm of friendship.

In addition, I've featured a friend who made a whole lot of difference in the first few months and years of my arrival in the US here: What does Friendship Means to you? Unfortunately, she's back in Indonesia and don't hear much from here anymore.

Build-A-Bear Workshop has been a household name in our home since the very day I was introduced to it. I fell in love not with just the brand but the one person who started it all. She's beary pawsome! And I bet everyone who knows her will agree to that! Thank you for all the best friends you have helped us create Build-A-Bear Workshop! Happy 15th Anniversary! Here's to more friend-filled years of making millions of best friends!

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  1. I know how it feels my BFF is 10 Hours away...we do keep up a bit in the cyber world, but nothing bets face to face---and nomatter how long the time is between visits we can pick up as if it was just yeaterday!!!


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