February 23, 2012

First Live Radio Interview

A wonderful Mompreneur moment!
I was recently invited as a guest to Coach Lynn Johnson's live Radio show to talk about NOT being a professional blogger but at being a Mompreneur (for those who doesn't know, I'm also the co-founding partner of Lake Norman Tai Chi Center). One that I was quite happy to oblige to in spite of my first-time fear and jitters! Somehow it turned out quite pleasant and fun, if I must say so! I actually enjoyed the whole experience.

On the other hand, being on the show gave me a chance to speak with Coach Lynn and present some of the challenges I face as a Mompreneur in the business world, that of which I'm sure resonate with other Mompreneurs like me. It was great to hear a few of her advises and nuggets of wisdom.

To hear my short and sweet interview, you can listen to the clip through this link: Mompreneur Segment. And to get to the specific portion of my interview, fast forward to time stamp 5:57 where my interview commenced.

What do you think? Do you agree with some of the challenges I face?

Personal note:
Big thanks to Coach Lynn show for reaching out to me and featuring me in their show. Also check out Lake Norman Tai Chi Center's Tai Chi Twogether - a February special - it's a great deal for couples in the Lake Norman area!

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