February 6, 2012

Toyota Reinvented Superbowl

There is no doubt that Superbowl is one of the most watched events of all time just next to a Royal Wedding in England if I must say so. As expected, my husband who is one of them fanatics, and us semi-fanatics (hey, a family that watch together stays together) were, needless  to say, glued in front of the TV (thanks to my laptop, HDMI cable and online streaming) waiting for the big game to commence. Not knowing (how can I know?) that Toyota will reinvent my Superbowl experience that night!

It started when the lovely Toyota Camry Gal Kelly Clarkson sang the National Anthem. That made me one proud #ToyotaWomen gal. Then during the big game, Toyota had a surprise opportunity for fans to participate in an interactive social media extension tied to the Camry "reinvented" spot on Twitter. It began in the third quarter, where viewers were encouraged to tweet @Toyota using the #reinvented hashtag. It was about what  you want reinvented. I was more than happy to participate and I tweeted this: 

And left it at that not expecting anything fancy schmancy. Up until later that night when Toyota tweeted me back with a surprise!

I didn't see the surprise until I clicked the twitpic link and voila! My reinvented dust bunnies! LOVE IT!!! Now if only they can make it come true just like in the Velveteen Rabbit story, then I'd be way beyond thrilled!

But you must agree, the depiction is way too cute, is it not? To check some of the cool reinvented tweets from fans, visit the photo archives at REINVENTED TWEETS. Thanks Toyota! You made my Superbowl night, a night to remember!  Did your tweets got reinvented that night?

*Zensible Mama is an exclusive member of TWIN. All statements expressed here are solely personal opinions and not influenced by Toyota*


  1. So fun!!! I also got my tweet reinvented! I asked for them to reinvent the alarm clock.... http://twitpic.com/8gd3su

    1. Your reinvention is cute Tim! A clock that kiss you awake? Aww! Sweet!


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