May 15, 2011

Zhuyal Wedding of the Century

The Zhuyal Wedding Entourage

I bet you were one of the Millions who stayed up late or woke up early to watch the Royal Wedding of Prince William and the now Princess Kate. I couldn't, but I was happy enough to be a part of the celebration by extending my best wishes via a video greeting that made it to their Royal guestbook! And that's not all, we had our own Royal wedding excitement at home with Prince Dashington and Princess snow cup getting married! Yep, the Zhuyal Wedding of the Century...

The wedding has been as grand as the Royal Wedding itself. All our Zhu Zhu pets and Zhu puppies and Zhu rockstar friends witnessed the magical union of Prince Dashington and Princess Snowcup! Of course, we had real-life Princesses adding to the endless fun.
Little Princesses having a blast

Endless it sure was! The 1 hour playdate went on to almost 4 hours! The little princesses were having way too much fun to want to go home! They were the party paupers and wedding planners. See which ring, gown and bouquet they selected for Princess Snowcup! Watch the video below and join in on the fun.

Zhu Zhu pets never fail to bring so much fun and it always is a welcome treat to have them in my house for my daughter and her friends to play with!**

**Toys were provided by Cepia LLC, makers of Zhu zhu pets through MomSelect as part of the home-party opportunity and their marketing initiative.


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