May 16, 2011

Go Mangos! - National Mango Board Charlotte Tour

Isn't it utterly magical when a certain situation, setting or even a whiff of a familiar scent brings you back to your childhood and the beautiful memories it conjures up with it? I had such a thing with the sight and taste of mangoes through Mangolicious recipes that Fran's Filling Station at Park Road created for the National Mango Board Mom Luncheon event where I was invited to attend.

The Mangos brought back memories of times growing up with my mom buying them in bulks inside huge woven baskets straight from local Mango plantations! The aroma of riping mangoes fills our house each Summer! Mangoes were our after-lunch dessert during Mango season. Ah, I miss those days...I truly feel elated that there is a company realizing the greatness of this juicy, delicious, tropical fruit native to my country, Philippines. Great choice of fruit to represent if you ask me!
Second Course: Crab cake with spicy avocado "remoulade" 
and cucumber-mango relish

At the event, Moms who have never handled or cut Mangos before had an awesome time learning how to cut one and learned about delectable recipes where mango can be used. Possibilities were endless! And of course the three meal course served were Y.U.M.M.Y! Check out all the Mangolicious FUN we've had during the luncheon and the recipe demonstration by Megan Mckenna of National Mango Board in the video below:

Best thing about being at the event, besides the yummy dishes was hanging out with my local mom friends, bloggers and not, and meeting the wonderful team that makes up National Mango Board and Fran's Filling Station who created the wonderful mango dishes for the event!

For more Mango facts, National Mango Board has great informations on:

Check the rest of the picture from the Photo Gallery HERE. 
Go Mangos!!!


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