January 30, 2012

Pandora and the Camry Effect by Toyota

Kelly Clarkson in the Toyota Camry commercial video
courtesy of Toyota USA

Car commercials most often that not focuses on the technology of it's safety aspect which is not uncommon, given the fact that high safety features of a car is the number one prerequisite of every potential buyer. Personally, I don't give much attention to these commercials (anymore), only because one gets so used to seeing the same "theme" over and over again, it becomes redundantly boring. Not the Camry...

No one twisted my arms to say this, but I do enjoy their commercial. Renewed interest! I like it that Toyota balanced it out by addressing the fun side of owning a car while still maintaining the same safety integrity of the vehicle. In this rapidly evolving technology in the consumer's market today, not just keeping up but implementing tools that makes life, let's say, a little easier to manage, is a great perk especially for working moms like me, or those moms who are always on the go and the car becomes their unofficial "second home" or "office".

I love Pandora (who doesn't?) and I love the fact that the Camry has the ability to stream music through Pandora. What a way to up the experience! This, to me, eliminates music CD clutters in my car nor the suffering of listening to commercial-ridden radio stations after I get tired listening to my music CD's non-stop. This almost makes me want to own a Camry right away but maybe in the future when I've paid off my current car.

What do you think of Camry? Do you own one? What's your experience so far? And if you haven't seen the commercial yet, you can check the video below featuring the commercial:

Watch this on youtube: The Crew Toyota Camry

Also, check The Camry effect and see what people are saying about this car. Join the community if you own a Camry so you can share your personal story with others who share the same passion about this car as you!

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