December 19, 2011

Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide 2011

I'm sure you're thinking this is quite late for a gift guide and all that, but not really, let's just say, it's almost late. If you're like my hubby and I, we're not even done shopping yet. So this is for those who love last-minute shopping and all. Also, make sure to check some of my featured items here, they come with a giveaway!

For your little workaholic Elves

build a bear
Lil' Honeycomb cub
Cute and Cuddly
$10 at Build-A-Bear Workshop
Zhu Zhu pets
Zhu Zhu Pets
Hamster Magic
$8 at Cepia LLC

Leap Pad
Blok Squad Construction Set
Endless Fun for the builder
$19.99 at Mega Blok

Leap Pad
Leap Pad for Kids 5+
Good as Mini iPad
$99 at Leap Frog

For your Magical Home and the Decor you need

Heart of Haiti
Tropical Bird Ornament
Festive and gives back

$15 at Heart of Haiti Macy's

pic name
Angel Tealight Holder
Pretty and Unique
$25 at Heart of Haiti Macy's

For Her - The most wonderful woman in the world
pic name
Denizen Jeans Totally Shaping
Great fit and style
$27.99 at Target
Kalso Earth Shoes
Kalso Earth Nexus Shoes
Innovative and Trendy
$125 at Kalso Earth Shoes
Golden Flower Creations
Simplicity Gemstone Necklaces
Simple is Beautiful
$30 at Simplicity by GFC

pearl earring
Pearl and Swarovski Earrings
Modern and Whimsical

$18.50 at Simplicity by GFC


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