December 8, 2011

Toy Review: Mega Blok Squad Construction Site Set

My 7 year old daughter loves playing with building blocks and constructing things together. It fuels her creativity and also a great way to stimulate her brain (and develop her patience if you ask me). She owns a Lego set and is one of her favorites, but she's also one to not turn her back from similar versions as long as it offers the same fun and creativity for her. Mega Blok fit into this category and they recently provided her some challenge through their Blok Squad Construction site set.

It was an instant call-to-action when she saw the box. Though I was weary of the small parts (Believe me, even kids at her age are still quite talented in easily losing small parts/toys), it was a delight to see how excited she was to get her hands on them and start building. Which she did! It didn't even matter that it was a boy-themed set, all she cared about was being able to build the set pronto.

I love that the toy comes with an instruction manual. It made it easier for her to build her first project (seen on the picture above) and curved some of her frustrations when she got confused occasionally. She did this in record-time with no help from me at all. The only help she ever got was assistance in pushing the heads onto the mini-people's torsos. If you say, she must be proud of her work, you bet she is!

She's currently working on project number 2. This is going to keep her busy for a while which is good. It means she's having a blast playing with this toy.

Here are some notable key points about this toy:

Blocks are pre-formed - just like Lego, this too offer the same essential parts and accessory to easily create any desired project which is a great plus.

Quality and Ease of use - Though the plastic seem thinner and looks brittle than Lego, it is tough enough to hold it's shape in place and easy enough to assemble or reassemble.

Price - way affordable than Lego and comparably offers toy sets and products that would certainly appeal to any child who likes these type of toys.

To sum it up, let's take the Regular Medicine Vs. Generic analogy. Regular version is always expensive while generic costs way less yet they function exactly the same way. If budget is a prime factor, you're always better off with generics. Don't you agree?

Ratings: ♥♥♥♥                                               Notes: Great Holiday Gift idea.
Quality: Good
Price: $15
Age: 5+
Recommend: Yes

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