December 9, 2011

This is Why I Love Being A Blogger...A Whole Lot More!

It's not the perks (though that's part of the fun) nor the "fame" (which can be overrated at times) that goes with being one. Truth be told, though to me, these are well-deserved ( hey, who sleeps at 2am or 3am just to finish a blog post or review and making sure it's close to perfect? I do!), they are hard-earned outcomes of all the hard work and integrity I put in to achieve them. But "success" comes with a price. Heck, they do! And I tell you, they come in all forms and sizes beyond one's wild imagination. But you know what makes it all right?

It's moments like today...

"Mama, mama! You know what? I was so happy today!"

"Why is that Sweetheart? What made you so happy?"

"Well, I got the best compliment, Ever! today at school!"

"Really? what was the compliment about?"

"Well, today, I was telling "boy who sprayed orange juice in his eyes" (in short, classmate), that I got a new toy and of course, I told him my mama (me!) got it because she works as a blogger and that is part of her job."
"I then told him what the toy was and he said, You're LUCKY."
"Then I told him that you also get toys and stuffs before they come out in the stores and he said YOU ARE VERY LUCKY!"
"That's the first time someone in my school said that to me Mama, and it made me so happy! I always tell everyone in my school that my MAMA IS A BLOGGER because I'm proud that you are blogger Mama!"

And THAT to me as a blogger and a mom? IS the BEST REWARD - EVER! Most precious words to hear from someone whom I expected to least understand what I do. Working with brands does have it's perks that directly benefits her and I'm glad to know she does appreciate not only the outcome, but my work itself as well.

And her, my 7 year old daughter, proud of me being a blogger and voluntarily sweeping the kitchen floor (which, trust me, doesn't happen all the time) as she relates her story at the same time?


YOU, a blogger, are you lovin' it too?

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  1. How funny, my kids and I were talking about mommy being a blogger this morning on the way to school. They are so proud of what mommy does. It just warms my heart to know that they love what I do and that mommy isn't just sitting a the computer all day playing games but I'm "working" and they are proud of what I do.


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