January 22, 2016

Much Ado about the Moon: Photographic Journal of the Multi-Faceted Moon

Before we delve into my photographic fascination of the moon let me first regale you with the astounding, sometimes dumbfounding example of the Moon's "Lunar Lunacy Effect" that though not scientifically true, it about holds truer than true for me today.

Like an unexplained horror mystery, I was at countless times were either cut-off for no good reason, or I've witnessed erratic, shake-my-head, recklessly-stupid-kind-of-actions, from uncomfortably, a few many drivers on the road today. Where one almost resulted to a catastrophic accident involving a school bus and two cars. So many close calls that makes you question why there are so many lunatic douchebags-es who clearly have no business being out, are out there today - all at the same time! Then en route to home this afternoon, I happened to glance at the blue -  calm before the storm - sky,  and there, up on the horizon, the almost full moon was glaring at me like it was saying. "Yep. I'm the reason for all these lunatics on the road!" 

Strange but true. Here's that culprit today. It was the Day moon!

The Day Moon on Waxing Gibbous three days before total Full Moon on Sunday, January 24, 2016. 

Day Moon March 2014

And all the other facets of the moon...

The Full Moon
My first full moon / December 2013

The Blue Moon that was never blue.
Blue moon  / August 2015

The Super Moon
Perigee or Supermoon / June 2013

First Quarter Phase of the Moon
Moon / January 2016

The Moon and Jupiter Conjunction 
Jupiter and Moon Conjunction / January 2013. Next occurrence will happen in 2026.

The full moon in January will occur this Sunday but with all the Winter storm threatening to make a mess the whole weekend, the full moon may not be visible until Monday. By then, I hope to be able to capture it before it starts undergoing its Waxing Gibbous phases.

As for the entire business of the moon driving everyone mad, this is what Shakespeare have to say about that:

“It is the very error of the moon.
She comes more near the earth than she was wont.
And makes men mad.” —William Shakespeare, Othello

I thought so too...


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