August 15, 2015

Photography: Howling at the Blue Moon That was Never Blue

The once-in-a-Blue-Moon Moon 2015 / Photo +Maricris G 

This year was the year for the "once-in-a-blue-moon" moon to yet again make its rare appearance. Everyone who saw it will agree that it was spectacular seeing how big and bright it was. But, of course contrary to popular belief, it wasn't blue! Instead, it was bright yellow as it should be! It was also pretty close to the horizon, it almost seem like anyone can reach it.

Blue Moon in different colors
The great thing about photography is that when you use different exposure settings, you will get different color details as evident with the photos I took that night.

Blue moon or not, nothing will change the moon's reputation: Enigmatic, mysterious and will always remind me of Halloween/thriller night, Wolves and vampires, Twilight and full-moon-induced-crazy-drivers!

Photo +Maricris G  

Photo +Maricris G 

Photo +Maricris G 

As seen on my Instagram: MaricrisMG

Once in a #bluemoon. I always thought the moon would be blue... but loved it either way. #bluemoon2015 #astrophotography #charlottenc
Posted by Maricris Guadagna on Thursday, August 6, 2015

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